Custom Trials Uni Built


I worked all summer for this sucker. It was worth every damn dish cleaned at $8.50/h.

-profile hub
-Wallis design cf base
-dg handle
-myata style replacement leather cover, with memory foam
-kh 06 frame
-koxx1 rim
-dt spokes
-maxxis cc tire
-vp double cage peddals
-thompson seat post
-koxx1 seatclamp

Woah! that is a really nice uni. How much did it cost?

Do you like the memory foam in the seat? where did you get it?

Nice one! Looking good, not sure about your coat though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also your cranks look a bit long!

Rock on!

Thanks! The memory foam was a bitch to get it all going. I will post pics on the inside soon. I bought a pillow for ten bucks at canadian tire and hacked it.

It cost around $1300

That’s a really sweet ride, man - Everything that I would have picked for my own custom trials.

…Crazy lefthanders :roll_eyes: :wink:

How much does that weigh?

They are 145 mm profiles, the recomended size by bedford.

I still need to weigh it;) I’ll do it soon.

How the rim holding up for you?

seven feet like butter.

[EDIT] That sounds bad… it is holding up well. I was really anal about having the spokes really tight.


I like the way it handles: super responsive. I landed a six foot gap between pallets, while on my beginner norco, I could do around 5. The seat is super ridgid, great for hopping and SIF. I am able to hop up to 28", 2" higher. I am an all trials guy, so any street stuff will have to wait until I get around to it.

Thats an awesome uni!!

I really want that handle (but a right handed one), where did you get it?

I had a lot of trouble finding that dude.

i thought you would have… oh well i guess i can stick with my handle for a while until i start building my new trials uni.

thats a sweet ride i love the seat and handle best bit of the whole uni!

still i would have swapped the profiles for a cheaper hub and got the XTP frame…

I gave the adress. It’s 65

That’s dumb.
The XTP sure looks pimp, but the frame is square crowned, and the price is f* retarded. I think you would understand if you had a cottered axle break and cut your ankle real bad. I am paranoid, so have to have the beafiest damn cranks out there.

yeah i do agree the price is retarded on the xtp frame thats is a given… and the fact it doesnt have a flat top crown kinda sucks unless you do pure trials…

and i guess being paranoid with cranks is never a bad thing… i broke a std crank and that was painfull… (one of the square ones it was bound to happen)

but i just hurt my balls i didnt cut my ankles or anything… it’d be cool to do a stress test to see which cranks are actually the strongest…

Ive been wanting test like that for months.

hahah you said std

man that is an amazing bloody nice uni :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: did i mention cool ,but i dont like you coat:D