Custom trials/street/flatland unicycle


Unfortunately, I’m in some debt, and I haven’t been unicycling the way I used to, so I think it’s a little bit over the top to have a $1100 unicycle. So I need to sell it, and buy a cheaper one or something.

Anyways, I added up all the prices of the parts from Bedford Unicycles and Renegade Juggling, and the total cost is approximately $1,168.

I’ll list of the specs:

Kris Holm Fusion Street saddle
Roger Davies Carbon Fiber seatbase
Kris Holm Forged seatpost
Koxx-One seatpost clamp (white)
Kris Holm KH20 frame (2005)
White Try-All tire
Kris Holm rim (2007)
Spokes/Nipples (super strong, stainless steel)
Kris Holm Titanium hub (2008)
K1 Street cranks
Odyssey Twisted PC pedals

Everything is in great condition, and has been well maintained. The cranks, tire, and seatpost clamp, are only like 2-3 weeks old. The cranks only have slight wear from flatland, but I’ve never done any grinds with them…

I’m asking $1100 CAD. You pay shipping.

I’ll post pictures later.


About how much are you wanting for your wheelset with just the hub rim and spokes?

Sorry, I don’t really want to sell just the hub, rim and spokes. Maybe the whole wheelset, but not parts of the wheel.


Well how much for the whole wheelset then?

:open_mouth: sorry to thread jack, but what will you replace it with? will uni tv give you like a stock one for free?

$750 CAD?


Haha. I figured as much. No TY. I’m not to into having very expensive light things (though it would be nice to have one). Sorry for wasting your time.