Custom Trials on Craigslist

Just thought some ppl might like to know. Frame looks a bit strange. Profile hub:

looks pretty shweet to me.

Looks like one of the frames that Ryan and Jeff rode some years ago.

Peter M

The stuff I like best about it is the the wheel set, seatpost and CF base.

that is one sweet uni.

It is the old KH frame, nothing too special about it.

And the Frames that Ryan and Jeff rode, are tubular, kind of like the new Nimbus 36" frames.

It is definatly a pretty sweet uni though, with the Profile racing rim which are bomb proof, the CF base, and is that a Thomson post?

NO WAY that is a KH 04 frame!!!
The crown looks way different.
Also, the legs of a Kh 04 will not get bigger when they go more towards the crown.

And the frame that Ryan and Jeff rode in the DVD “Spaced out” are NOT tubular at all.
Check Ryan’s old gallery on this site.

Peter M