custom trials from GP unicycles

i would just like to publicly thank all the legends at GP Unicycles Australia for making me my new custom trials uni :smiley:

i love it so much i just wanted everyone to see it :smiley:


that is real nice…LUCKY!!

Very nice! What are the specs? I can make out the KH hub and seat and the Maxxis tire but beyond that??? Is it a custom frame or a custom combination?


thast pretty, it makes me want a trials that much more…


it is actually a Aricle hub and it is a custom set up not frame

Hey Sam, we haven’t met have we? I’m in Queensland too. Gary may have mentioned me. We have regular muni rides on weekends and less organised trials rides every now and then if you’re interested in joining us.


Looks very similar to the one he made me last year…I love it, I’ve only had to replace the seat and pedals.