Custom trials frame Tell me if u think its smart !

Alright well now that I can weld good (YAY) Im thinking about making my seat tube on my frame longer so that way I dont snap seat posts anymore… do you guys think its a good or bad idea ? and any suggestions ? thanks

How do you purpose to attatch the lengthining tube to your current neck?

I was actually thinking about cutting the whole tube off and just welding a new one on … would that make a weakness tho ?

Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t Dan heaton do that with his frames or something? Which frame were you planning on doing this to? It shouldn’t be any weaker as long as you get the new tube to fit up snugly. It would be easier (but heavier) to drop a tube over the existing one and weld it in place, then sleeve it internally to get it down to the diametre you need for your seat post, this would mean you had a really thick and strong stem, and you wouldn;t have to mess with the original construction of the frame. Just depends how weight conscious you are.

What frame are you riding? I think that anything above 25.4mm seat post tube and your not going to have trouble bending the tube, just trouble on the weld at the top of the seat post tube.

Are you snapping them at the top or bending them in the middle?


…so you’ll snap your frame instead?

Where does your seatpost snap? Most snaps I’ve seen are at the seatbase. Even if your frame was the entire length of the seatpost, that wouldn’t help…

So make the part that connects to the seat part of the frame, totally eliminating the need for a seat post. You could make it really beefy. I’ve seen this done with freestyle frames before. Just make sure you know what height you want it at first haha.

it usual bends in the middle… Im thinking of doing it on a 22.2 so its lighter… any other ideasésuggestions ? thanks toe veryone who replyed your all very smart and sexy

sorry for being off topic, but what type of welding are you going to be doing on it?

no idea im still noob

well the three types i’m aware of are: arc welding(the one with the stick)

                                                MIG: (a wire comes out of a nozzle)
                                                oxy/ace: one with the flame

oohhh ok u ment that ! im doing arc welding…

arc welding:

  1. stick welding
  2. MIG - wire comes out the nozzle
  3. TIG - for aluminium, pretty much like stick welding

MIG is the easiet type of welding, i could teach a monkey to weld in good in less than 15 minutes. MIG gives better results than stick welding. TIG is better than MIG, but a shit load harder to learn and not worth it unless you’re using aluminium.

oxy torch - flame that’s super dooper hot.

soldering iron - don’t use that for your frame. :stuck_out_tongue:

no we only got a stick machine at my school… so thats what ima use… is that gonna work good ?

if someone uses it properly, it could turn out good and would work just fine.

how cna you only have a stick machine ! :s. at our schoool we;ve got 7 MIGs, 1 TIG, an oxy and a plasma cutter. oooho and a laser machine.

Maybe you should go bigger than 22.2. Make it stronger since you are already breaking them.

I don’t know how thick the metal is, but if its thin you’ll have to use a really low amperage, or you’ll burn through or get huge warpage.

Disclaimer: Im kindda a of a welding noob so don’t take what I say too literally

that makes sence… and to the other kid… Im in alberta (enlgish majorety) and im french so I go to a mini high school where we are 500 persons.