Custom Titanium Unicycles

Hoy hoy! This is just a topic for those of you gluttonous souls who’ve bothered spending that huge sum of 500 USD or more on a bare frame alone… haha. For those of you lucky handful that own the Triton frames do post them in here, I’d quite like to see how you’re doing with them! :slight_smile:

Those people who’ve spent the 700 or so USD on that Nimbus titanium street frame, or any other titanium frames kicking about are welcome to post their unis!

NB: This is just a thread for unis with titanium frames. Aluminium or steel unis with other titanium parts like the KH titanium Moment hub have their own respective threads to post in!

This thread will be waaaay smaller than any of the other Custom [insert brand here] Unicycles threads, but still, it’d be nice to see the rare few titanium frame’d unis that exist!

Sam, Nathan, Gizmo, Ivan, Semach, and those lucky few others… you’re expected chip in. :wink:

Great idea! Finally, a thread that can hold a light to all the glory of us spoiled Ti riders.
I am happy to say my Triton has served me quite well. It has taken the severe thrashing I have given it, with a smile. Only one small dent. Many many more rides to come. I still, on occasion, hit my knee or shin on the crown, and shortly after I jump around in pain I am super thankful its a Triton crown…:stuck_out_tongue: I still wish I opted for the long neck when I had the chance.
Here are a few shots of my current setup as well as a couple actions photos of what it can do.

photo: Brian Oley

photo: Brian Oley

In action:

photo: Brian Oley

photo: Brian Oley

For those of you who want a close of up the drilled Moments:

Like I sad before, those drilled Moments are HOT :sunglasses:

I need to get this thing built up again…

It will be a great day when 32h ISIS hubs are out. I’d love have this on an Echo CNC SL wheel. I’d also have liked to have used a SW carbon base, but I hear he’s not making them anymore. Dayum.

Old school awesomeness. It’s not far off a Decade old now, haha.

Dude! toooo sick!! :astonished:

Love that longneck frame love it. also Tritons are sick ass as hell aint they!!

i was gonna order a triton but only when i just got all the money they stopped!

any chance of triton comin back? How many peeps have got the nimbus ti frame btw?

Yer, how do those miyata lollipop holders work exactly is there a split clamp piece in the lollipop there…? cant see to clear.

zack riding it!

also how much does that TI frame weigh any1 know?

Sam is that the second set of drille moments?

I’ll get my frame up soon enough.

Thanks I appreciate that

Triton won’t be coming back any time soon as it was pretty much almost a non-profit hobby Dmitry had going, and now he wants to and has to focus more on his future life and actual career so maybe one day in the future Triton will be back!

Those Miyata 'pops basically are two “handmade in Japan” seats of metal in the shape of a lollipop which bearings literally just press into. It depends entirely on the tolerances how reliable they are. One of mine has such a damn fine tolerance that it is a very very stiff fit, (I had to heat up one of the 'pops in the oven to get it to expand slightly temporarily); whilst the other is a nice fit but not as tight so I just epoxy glued it to reinforce it. Then it just basically bolts up to two shafts at the bottom of the frame legs. I had to mod mine by having the externally-facing side machined out so that the bearing’s inner race could be exposed. This made it compatiable for splined setups. Sadly, the holders only take 40mm bearings. So up until recently, I only had Profiles to use as my only decent option for a splined crankset.

No idea on the Nimbus frames, I don’t know an awful lot about them, but from what I’ve heard, they’re extremely expensive (700 usd?), weigh a fair amount more than most aluminium frames, and have a relatively non-ergonomic design to take a 25.4mm seatpost as opposed to 27.2mm. I think Smilymarco wrote up a mini review somewhere? Anyways, it’d be great to see them in this thread regardless!

I actually bothered weighing parts for the first time ever the other day. “The Ti” frame weighs only 454g, it’s a longneck too, so I’m pretty impressed. The lightest frame for 19" unis, I believe.

And Nathan, I’d like to see the horrendous amounts of weight weenie-ing you’ve imposed on your uni, :stuck_out_tongue:

Nathan, you should somehow try to put your MG-Ti Pedals on there temporarely.

Very sick unis this is like rich boy pimp club. Muy bien!

Love tritons so much best frame at current. when to consider the titan kris moment hub and nimbus titan frame i think the price for tritons is BARGAIN!!! :smiley:

does Isaac LeMasters have triton frame too? wheres his pics!!! i remember was SICK trtion

Isaac doesn’t come on here often, but he sent me these pics a bit back…

I love the exclusive club type feel of this thread, and I’m proud to be a member. Maybe I should start a ‘Triton-Sponge-Schlumpf’ owners thread too. That’d be even more exclusive :slight_smile:

Anyway, I know I’ve written lots of good things about the Triton elsewhere, so I’ll just post a few photos instead to get you all drooling;

The lovely looking crown (slightly different from the trials version)

Detail of the Schlumpf torque arm bolt hole and bearing holders. Just gotta love that welding!

The complete Triton-Sponge-Schulmpf uni

Magura mounts

siafirede, me, Mike ‘uni mag’ Penton and Kris Holm (RTL in Nova Scotia)

Me hunting down a Saskwatch (RTL in Nova Scotia)







Awesome! Looks great, ahh I see that the crown doesn’t have the corner gussets. No matter for a 29er!

Which countries and races have you taken it to so far?

You can see mine here, still not finished yet, but rideable and fun.

Is it just me, or are those cranks really really long?!

they are 137’s, so for some people, like me, they are.

It has always confused me why the collective noun for several unicycles is a ‘stable’. That’s the thing they are renowned for not being!


Yeah, a 29er hardly takes the beating that a trials uni does, so I’m sure crown will hold up fine. It still looks damn sexy and doesn’t bruise my thighs like the original Schlumpf frame did.

The only races so far have been Ride The Lobster in Nova Scotia (800km), and the Big Wheel Race in Coventry (10k). Both the titanium frame and the geared hub performed faultlessly on both occasions! I’ve some (sketchy) plans for some interesting rides, probably in 2010, but we’ll have to see how things pan out :slight_smile:


i’m so jealous!! why aint anyone else making ti frames :frowning:

well no problem i will be getting new titanium bolts for my uni :smiley: my frames a bit heavy though , might get a kh long neck!

Are there any 36" frames floating around out there? I’d love to have a look at one of those.