Custom Titanium 26" Muni

dirt uni ti 26—from the makers of unicycles that shred.

built in bend, oregon by wade beaumont and eugene cathcart* at cost of $1500. i bought it in as-new condition from original owner in 2010—he’d tried (and given up) to learn to unicycle on this best-of-breed. i’ve ridden it gently on manhattan streets for the 1/2 of year i’m resident here since then. by gentle i mean closest to muni’ing = maybe a ~2" curb drop. this ti-tank capable of much brutal’er treatment!—will take whatever beating you throw at it, be you 150 or 350lbs. center of its universe is the mythical poznater hub which you can read about here. muni includes all original components as assembled in bend—except for the magnesium pedals; and lots of extras i’ve added.

components as configured (+ original &/or extras)—

• kh saddle
• nimbus 400mm seatpost 27.2mm (+ shorter [~270mm] syncros post)
• kh twin-bolted seatpost clamp
• alex 36h rim and 26 x 2.65 tire as photo’d (+ one maxis ardent 26 x 2.60; four bontrager 26 x 2.1 tires; and two tubes—all new/unused)
• profile 145mm chrome’d cranks as photo’d (+ original 175 mm profile set in same finish)
• impact all bran pedals

i had just bought new cranks, pedals (nb sticker still on pedal as photo’d) and seatpost in the fall (2014) when i unexpectedly scored my “xc” triton 29’er, so these additions are near-new. i’m more about the road/distance side of uni’ing and would love to trade +/- cash for a triton 36 (frame alone or built). otherwise asking $700 + shipping. location is zip 10009.

also noting: the 8-splined profile cranks and attached axle are rugged enough to carry lifetime warranty per referenced thread. for any who insist on isis, kris holm sells bearings which enable his 42mm moment hubs to fit into this uni’s 40mm bearing housings.


  • you can find cached (wayback machine) website promo on this uni by searching if not i have them archived here; and emails with eugene detailing the build/history for any interested.





oops: omitted detail on other side of crown.


  • one more ti bling.


updates/corregs for fri 13—

• wade’s last name is beauchamp, not beaumont as writ. he’s well known in bike-building circles for his now-retired company, vulture cycles. thanks eugene for straightening me out.
• that’s a maxxis (sted maxis) ardent tire.

• bundle also includes profile crank tool, bought with new cranks last fall.

bring on the springtime! cheers.

The website for dirt unicycle is no longer available. Do you know if they made steel ones also?Since the crown bolts together would it be comparable in strength to a welded crown? Could longer legs be substituted to make a 29er?

hi reid,
yes, i gather they principally made steel frames.

i’m not an engineer but my gut feeling both from riding and even just looking at this uni is that it’s seriously strong. would take a very considerable force to compromise or crumple–at crown or elsewhere. i’d venture the crown to be at least as strong as my welded triton crown.

by all means yes—you could unbolt and insert new fork blades as desired: longer, shorter, even same length…

of interest in this vein, i’ve measured from hub center to bottom of crown. that dimension = 14.125" or 36cm. i added up some numbers on erd (external rim diameter) + tire dimension and concluded that i’d be able to fit a certain 29 rim/tire combo into frame as-is. (don’t recall the specific rim/tire.) if you needed an extra “silly millimeter” or two extra i believe you could adjust position of fork blades downward in crown-clamp as necessary.

one other note (seeing your location) = i have a line on affordable cross-country shipping.


i seem to have two identities here:

• cdb; and
• icdb.

same guy… i’ve bought one unicycle and sold another on this forum. both involved cross-country shipping. i used cost was ~$75.00. packages needed to be picked up by receiving party at his/her local bus station.


ok guys & gals, price drop: $500 obo.

help me fund my new 36’r !!

trades considered. thanks.

asking-price drop

$400 obo?

come on folks, surely someone could use this beauty.

this just in: i’m in touch with one of the original (two) designer/builder team. he’s written to say that he has extra legs, crowns and seat tubes. so, even more flexibility wrt wheel sizes etc.

spring cheer.

I keep looking at this,but just because it’s Ti. I’d probably end up welding a “real” crown to have a 1 piece frame. But the tubings look so small. What’s the size of the tubing? I could end up a buyer haha.

ti tubes

7/8" (.875") on exterior diameter. they might look small photographically; but give in-person impression of being more robust than the ovalized, featherweight tubes on my triton. talking ti-tank.

i personally think the uniformly-cylindrical tubes & distinctive crown-clamp both augment wow factor on this uni. not to say some imaginative modification mightn’t work wonders…


last price slash pre shop consignment

$400 shipped (via ups ground) to lower 48.

one week only! approved payment by sat 16 may please and i’ll ship mon 18 may. uni will be for sale through brick & mortar store (which i can identify for y’all) thereafter for $400 + shipping.


Do you still have the unicycle?

pm sent.

(after a few years.)

muni in same condition shown; seldom used in this interim.

kit now contains additionally—
• profile crank extractor;
• allen key for tightening crank bolts;
• longer seat tube (longer seat post support for taller riders).

asking $400 + shipping.


one more change—

• saddle is kh fusion zero w/ kh pivotal seatpost.

so, handful of upgrades/extras & still rock-bottom pricing.

& i can accept pay. yay.

muni location: 13622.

can ship from there (summer place) until second week of october; then not again until may 2020.

PM Sent.

new life in blacksburg va.
thanks to all.