Custom T.I.G welded cranks. SOLID steel.

Here’s a couple pics of my steel cranks, i was sick of bending aluminum ones. These have worked flawlessly so far, very strong. just a tad on the heavy side!:smiley:

are they square taper? if not make sure your next unicycle is ISIS and get some moments and tell me you can bent them :smiley:

ahh i knew somebody would say that… I know the moments would hold up AMAZING. But that’s completely out of my price range. I’m not about to spend 600 dollars on a Uni. these are just about indestructible, and cost about 20 bucks. I dunno, i thought they were pretty cool. fun little project.

Nice work! It’s cool to be able to fix your unicycle by yourself.

Thankyou!, yeah fixing stuff yourself is the best! haha

didnt mean it like that. I find that very cool!!! you could do a Nimbus trials and moments for under $400

So now you know that next weak point will be the square taper

My Torker DX came with tubular steel ISIS cranks that were only somewhat heavy, and looked pretty indestructible. Dunno if you can buy them separately, though.

I wish i could, but as other people have noticed, these cranks are square taper, the DX cranks are isis. But these are incredibly strong. a properly set up square taper is as bad as some may think. :slight_smile:

Reinforced Cranks

Hey, Very cool, I use a set of Primo BMX cranks that attach through a 3/4" straight square axle, I bought them so I would not bend or break the axle or arm you are ahead of me there. I made every thing else on my MUNI but the rim, tire and spokes. Don’t spend the money you don’t have. Save it and keep building your own superior product!


haha awesome, i guess were in the same boat then! I was unable to find square taper bmx cranks, and any square taper i could find would of been like 170mm lol a little long for a 20in UNi

The Nimbus venture / Venture II cranks come in square taper, if these awesome monstrosities ever fail you. They’d probably be a good replacement choice.