Custom Surly/Magura Karate Monkey 29er fork

Though not exactly a unicycle part, I thought some of you might be interested in this item I’m selling. Its a surly 29er fork modified to accept TWO sets of Magura rim brakes for twice the stopping power. IMHO: Its the most powerful hydraulic rim brake set-up ever made. The auction text has all the details. . . .

Yes, its a head turner and it might help you get your freak flag flying on those occasions where you have to ride two wheels. The fork is here:

And see my other ebay auctions for the custom 29er Kris Holm 47mm wide free ride wheelset that I built for this fork




Whilst you have twice the friction surface the force from the master cylinder going to be split between the two brakes so surely it isn’t any more powerful or does the frictional gains outweigh the power “loss”?

It is funky as though :smiley:

I don’t have an exact answer to your question. At the lever, it “feels” more powerful than the other bikes I have with single maggies up front, but having never measured its actual performance, I can’t say for sure. Others have any thoughts or theories on this?


From a hydraulic point of view the master cylinder is moving the same fluid to 4 identical slave cylinders which is double the size so you will be halving the force (and doubling the fluid you need to move) you are exerting, however you are never really using the full force of the brake (the frame/fork always flexes even with a booster and you never pull it back to the bar) so I have a feeling that you will just have more lever travel but the force will feel about the same and the friction area being double the size will give you more braking performance?

A frankin brake with something with a large master cylinder might be fun to try maybe something like a gustav lever :slight_smile: