Custom Surly/KH titanium Muni!!!!

So, I was on Pinkbike, the other day and decided to try searching “unicycles” under buy and sell, just for the heck of it, when this sexy devil came up:

its located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
i would buy it but its much to expensive for me, dont know if its been posted here yet, but thought i might as well post it here in case anyone was looking for a really nice Muni.

specs are:

KH 24"x3.0 DH Titanium wheel set $640

  • Surley wide body frame $300
  • KH crank arms $80
  • Animal Pedals $50
  • KH Fusion Street Saddle $65
  • Magura HS33 Hydraulic Brake Assembly with Steel-braided Hose $200, Note you will need frame mounting brackets to put the brakes on.
  • KH Adjustable Seat Post $60
  • Brake handle Mount $20
    Comes with a street tire: Maxxis Hookworm 24x2.5 Freestyle Tire $50

I saw it too, I told the seller to post it here because on Pinkbike they think you’ll have to be crazy to pay 1200$ for a uni…

That’s kind of high… especially if the KH Ti wheelset isn’t as wide as the Large Marge rim… this is what the frame is built for. Kind of defeats the purpose of having the Surly frame (kind of heavy and steel)… in addition, you’ll have to rig up something to get the brakes close enough to the rim to engage.

I have both a 24" and 26" conundrum set-up with LM ISIS wheelsets and brakes and put them together for MUCH less than that.

Ti would be cool but at what cost?

like jacob said the seller is asking $1200

My question was rhetorical. It seems like he wants retail for each individual part. Like I said, neither of my surly set-ups cost nearly that much… But I don’t have a Ti wheelset. Is the hub Ti? Spokes? Does KH even make a Ti rim?

The Ti wheelset is just because it has a Ti hub, there’s no other Ti parts on there.

Meh… Definitely not worth it… To me that is.

If you can find a 24" conundrum frame and Large Marge rim… It shouldn’t cost more than a couple hundred. KH moments and regular hub, under $200. Spokes, seat post, seat, pedals, brake mount, brakes (from Bryce)… Another $300…
Having a conundrum frame with the correct wheelset and working breaks for under a grand… Priceless!

24" Conundrum Frame, $155 shipped.

I actually got my frame and Large Marge rim for that price but I can’t find the deal any more
$155 isn’t a bad price for the frame though.

I don’t know really anything about surly’s stuff but I looked and it was $260 (just the frame) on UDC, so I thought $155 was probably a nice deal. :slight_smile:

You can get the frame and a 24" rim for $260.

That page is quite misleading, I don’t beleive it includes the frame. However, this does:
SmartBikeParts for $170…