Custom Sun 28" 700cc Commuter Uni Unicycle


Just letting anyone that might be interested, selling my commuter on ebay.

no reserve, starting @ $1.00



Oh, dude I want this, as I am poor. :smiley: Have to keep an eye on it.

Ah, totally bummed as I will be driving home from NYC on the 13th and will miss the end of the auction. What kind of cranks is on it…splined, square tapered, cotterless? Just in case there is some way of bidding. Thanks.

still has the stock hub, cotterless.

Well…I just bid on it.
I can ride a 20" unicycle easily, so this might be interesting!

Well once you get rolling its a ton smoother and faster, control inputs are smaller and faster. You dont have the leverage you do on a 20" with long cranks so trying to “power” or flat out “muscle” the wheel around doesnt work. You just dont have the leverage. On a upside once you get used to the 102mm cranks on a 700cc wheel the 20" will feel as stable as a bicycle.

It’s mine!

LOL congrat!
I bid on it…then wondered if the cranks would be too short…then wondered if I could handle it.
At the time of that bidding, the only uni I ever rode was a 20"…so I wasn’t sure I could smoothly handle the bigger size + the thinner tire+the shorter cranks.
Enjoy it!

Same here. Up until yesterday, I had never ridden anything bigger than 20". I have an 89mm crank and a 114mm crank on my 20", so I’m used to some of the shorter-crank-unstable factors. But I’ll still have to get used to the big wheel and not being able to stop it on demand.

RE: For Sale: USA Custom Sun 28" 700cc Commuter Uni Unicycle

Hi skivie77,

This is Erico here and just visited your ebay site. I would like to buy it but as I am just start learning it.So can you tell me what would be the better option for me to get started?