Custom STFU X Impact Gravity 19" Unicycles

I’ve had these under wraps for way too long for various reasons but I’m really happy to finally be able to put them up for sale. After doing the John Deere Hatchet I decided I wanted to do some more custom unicycles and STFU ones seemed like a no-brainer.

So, here I have three (the green one has sold already) STFU X Impact 19" Gravity unicycles.

The Gravity 19″ is the best trials unicycle money can buy and these one-off STFU London versions step it up another level. Combining the newest iteration of the Eiffel cranks, undrilled rim, and innovative hydroformed aluminium frame, the Impact Gravity not only looks great but provides one of the stiffest and most agile rides on the market. The Gravity’s round crown and 140mm cranks make it an ideal trials unicycle, but is equally at-home as a street or flatland machine.

Saddle: Impact ‘Naomi’ Unicycle Saddle – STFU Limited Edition
Seat tube: Impact ‘ALLinONE’ Seatpost 300mm (27.2mm)
Seatclamp: Impact ’1 Bolt’ Seatpost Clamp – White (31.8mm)
Frame: Impact ‘Gravity’ Frame – STFU Limited Edition Red, Orange, Yellow or Green (42mm)
Hub: Impact ISIS CrMO 36 spokes (42mm)
Cranks: Impact ‘EiffelTower’ Cranks – 140mm
Pedals: Impact ‘All Bran’ Pedals – Black
Spokes: Stainless black ED finish
Rim: Impact 47mm Wide Rim – STFU LImited Edition Red, Orange, Yellow or Green
Rim Tape: Black
Tyre: Maxxis Creepy-Crawler Tyre – 20′ x 2.5′

Weight: 4.7kg

The Gravity is usually only available in black or white but I’ve taken four unicycles and adorned them with these exclusive STFU colourways. Each one is finished off with high quality STFU x Impact decals and a unique STFU saddle.

If you’d like to see more photos or buy one of these exclusive unicycles, head over to the STFU webshop.


damn, this is giving me throwback vibes to custom powder coated KH unis from Bedford unicycles!

Good job Edd!

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Wow, they were almost the STFU colours too!

Here are a few more photos to tempt you.

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