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I was wondering if any of you can offer me some advice.

I want to get a new seat for my trials unicycle. I have a KH seat, KH raid-adaptor, and a thompson post. The seat is pre-fusion. I haven’t noticed the flex until now, and I’ve had the seat since August 2004. I think the only thing that (in my book) keeps the front half of the seat from snapping right off is the rail-post-adaptor. And besides, I’m never going to run brakes on my unicycle. I chose the adaptor because I didn’t know how good the competing products were. I’m a little concerned about catching a finger or two in those rails while seat-out. Speaking of seat-out, I am missing a few staples from the cover. I’m also starting to think that the bulk of the seat is somewhat unecessary. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a great seat so far.

I’ve been keeping my eye on some alternatives. Since I have a Thompson post I’m really looking forward to putting my name on the waiting list for a scott wallis cf base. I really love how those bases look. I also love how I won’t need an adaptor, how I can run air, and how stiff carbon fibre is supposed to be.

But what products would I run with this. I’m in college, so I have a budget. I want a great base, but I don’t care if I go through a few sets of handles or covers. I’m thinking Kinport front and miyata back for the bumpers.

What cover? I want something comfortable, but low profile. Half foam/half air? I could get some miyata foam and cut it properly. But where do I get a single-pillow that I’ve been hearing about recently? What cover would I use to make a low-profile half air seat?

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Sounds like your stiffener plate is broken… this is a metal plate that sits on top of the plastic seatbase to provide extra strength. Find someone with a welder to fix the plate ($), get/make a new one ($$), or look into a carbon-fiber seatbase ($$$$). If you keep riding with a broken plate, a broken seat base will follow…

I’d agree with you, also about the fingers caught in the rails! You can “shave” the seat foam down (use a bread knife or electric carving knife) to 1/2 it’s height and get an excellent comfort/performance compromise for trials use.

I’d put my money on the Roach seat cover (or similar). They’re made of ballistic nylon, which is more durable than the Fusion. The profile of the seat isn’t dependent on the cover as much as what’s under the cover. Again, shaving the seat foam yourself will give you your “best fit”.

You can make your own air pillow with a 12" or 16" tire tube and shape it with duct tape or a carefully sewn / taped tube sock. If you do some searching in this forum you’ll find lots of pictures / how-to’s. I use a foam/air combo and just let all the air out when I want super a low-pro feel, and air up when I want more comfort. I’ve got a Fusion cover but it’s starting to tear in two places so I’m working on sewing my own nylon cover.

Once you’ve got your seat put together, put some pics up on the boards and share your experiences… we’re all amateur seat designers here so we’d love the input!

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George Barnes has been working on making a beefed up stiffener plate for the KH saddles. Something probably similar to the Miyata stiffener plate. A bit heavy, but better than a broken saddle.


Thanks guys. I do think I broke my stiffener plate. Sometimes, when I pull on the handle, my seat makes a weird cracking sound. And then it’ll go away for a day or two. Weird . . .

Anyway I’m still really considering being put on the waiting list in the next two weeks for the attached image.

I’ve got a thompson post.

Now for the cover. Maybe I’ll go back to a regular miyata.

I really like how low the new gel seats look. The cf base can run air. I think I could cut my current foam, or some miyata foam, and find a cover that doesn’t use staples to be attached to the base. I know that I cut the foam thinner in the front, with the seat being tilted.

As far as handles: kinport. I like the white ones people are using. I could also save a little money and get a miyata rear bumper.

Now, I have to make the single-ply, or whatever it’s called, air-pillow? Won’t it make my seat heavier with a regular sock?

I want a great base. The parts that take the abuse, i.e. cover/bumpers aren’t that big of a concern to me. I just want function and a little comfort.

Doesn’t Dan Heaton run a regular miyata seat with a little air in it? And Ryan runs miyata everything, but, kinport front handle, cf base specially attached to thompson post?


Hope Scott doesn’t mind me posting this pic he e-mailed me

That seat base looks sweet! Predrilled holes and everything! Doesn’t look like it’s drilled for a reeder handle though, but oh well. Slick! :sunglasses:

But it is drilled for the Wallis Death Grip handle which I consider to be an improvement over the Reeder handle.

Can anyone help me out here and tell me if the death grip handle has the same hole configuration/layout as the KH front bumper with the 4 holes? I just bought one and want to pre-drill my holes so it’s ready to go when it comes (plus I’m losing my job and won’t have the shop/tools to do it when I get it). Any links to a step by step process for putting a carbon fiber seat base with the death grip would be great too. (yes I did search and found some but nothing with the death grip). Thanks in advance.

the DG handle comes with a 5 holes in it. 3 are set up for miyata and using 2 of the miyata holes and the other holes it fits a KH handle.
I don’t think it works well with a KH style seat though…

Thanks for the info. Could you elaborate a little more on why the cb doesn’t work well with a KH style seat?


The standard drilling of the DeathGrip handles is 5 holes. The forward 3 are the Miyata pattern. The rear 2 are the same as the 2 rear holes on a KH. To mount it to a base drilled with the KH pattern requires drilling the 2 forward KH pattern holes in the handle. I can drill for the KH pattern if needed, or even for both patterns (7 holes), it really doesn’t matter much.

I don’t really recommend drilling the base without having the handle to use as a guide.

The DG handle works fine on a KH style base, but it does not fit all way up against the lower edge of the base where the cover wraps under because the KH style bases are shallower than Miyata style and DeRail bases.


Thanks Scott!

Scott’s carbonfiber seatbases are the best there is. I have one on my trials uni, one on my muni. Just spend the extra cash upfront, you won’t regret it. I’m also a college student, but it’s important to remember that buying something more expensive once will be cheaper than buying crap twice. As a college student, I’d imagine you’d rather spend your time riding, not fixing your uni. If that’s the case, the DeRail base is the way to go.

No, i don’t have a financial stake in Scott’s company. I just love those seats.