custom saddle cover

does any one have a pattern of a custom saddle cover for a nimbus gel. and post some pictures of your saddle cover:D

… all of the saddle covers are identical for any Velo seat, except the new KH seats.

just use one of them as a pattern(if you have one) … it’s not rocket science.

but im wondering how to do the lacing at the bottom of the saddle cover and what material is the best for it

i just want to get an idea of how to do it

It’s simple enough to recover your saddle. I recently decided to “bling” up my saddle :slight_smile: My Uni is now called “The Cow” :smiley:


heres my uni, the seat is just a nimbus one, with a bit of cow on it. making a seat is easy all i did was cover my seat tight with the material then stape gunned it. then trimmed the edges.

The edges don’t fray??

my custom cover (not for nimbus), first try diden’t last very long, now it’s white leather

Agent Q has a sweet basketball cover. Probably super grippy.

Here’s my MUni saddle; I had the heavy vinyl (original) top piece replaced at a local tailor’s shop with this lycra material. I had this done about 8 months ago. I think KH picked up on this idea, hence the new '09 fusion saddle with the same type top piece! Lighter, breathable and conforms to the channel much better than the vinyl.

And here’s my own prototype I made over a year ago for my 36er, after several previous versions. The entire cover (cut from a wicking-type shirt material) is attached to the foam using 3m spray and velcro in the channel. Both are holding up very well so far! :slight_smile:



i would like to do one like turtle’s with the lacing at the bottom:) now i have some idea of how to make it

and does any one know if the tryall sticky tire fit on the nimbus ISIS trial rim?

Made a pattern from my KH seat but nothing seems to fit together the way it’s supposed to. Turtle would it be possible for you to post up how you made your saddle cover? It would be very helpful. Thanks.

You should be able to get grommets and grommet tools from your local fabric store. You could probably get upholstery vinyl and other colorful fabrics for your project in the same place; Laces too! Lots of threads on seat foam on the forums also!
The uni industry is small and so many of the riders are customizing their rigs is part of the appeal for me as well! I’ve even been collecting pics of others rides because of the homebrew variety. good luck! I live for fabric stores, hardware stores, bike shops, and electronic surplus stores! (and ham radio flea markets!)
Post a pic when you’re done!

I have all the materials I need(grommets, heavy duty thread, vinyl, laces, etc.) i just don’t have the knowledge of how all the parts go together. I even attempted to make a pattern from my existing KH cover. After several sewing machine breakdowns and a few failed mock-ups i’ve decided to save the custom cover for another time when I can fiddle with it more. I would still enjoy a write-up from turtle about how he made his though and maybe a pattern that fits the new KH saddles.

I’ve always gotten someone to sew stuff for me.

That usually costs me money haha. I just borrow my Grandma’s knowledge and sewing equipment then try it myself.