Custom Powder Coated KH29 Street Unicycle

Hey everyone,

Darren sent me some pictures of a 2007 KH29 that he powder coated black. It looks very awesome!

The hub and frame have been powder coated high-gloss black.

It is a stock KH29 except for 125mm cranks, Big Apple tire, and a Triple Allen key alloy clamp.

Powdercoating is available from Is a good way to go if you want to add some style to your uni. I am getting a KH20 frame powder coated orange from Darren, that will look very cool! I will post pictures of that later when I get it.

Here are some pictures of the KH29.

thats hot

spence, make sure you post pics of your orange frame, it should look sweet

Hey can you put those pics in the gallery or something because I am dumb and I can’t view the pictures. And also Spencer how much is it to get a frame powdercoated from Darren.

I uploaded it to my gallery. Here is a link.

On the Bedford Unicycles price list it says it is $30 CND to powder coat a frame black and $45CND for orange, yellow, red, blue and white.
For hubs it says black is $20CND and for the other colors it is $30CND.
If it is a KH frame it will actually be more because it needs to be sandblasted first. I am not sure if all those prices are all up to date because the pricelist hasn’t been updated in a while.
Darren will probably chime in with exact prices, or you can email him.

Here is another custom powder coated Bedford MUni that Darren did for a guy in California.

He picked each component and Darren built it up for him using:
Profile hub/crank set - all black including the hub
2007 kris Holm 24" rim
DT Champion black spokes
Bedford 24x3 frame powder coated high-gloss black
3 Allen key alloy clamp
Duro downhill tire and tube
Hot Pink 10" flames

Not shown was the Japanese Miyata seat and post he asked for.

Custom unicycles built to your specs available at

alright so lets seem some wicked fast stair sets on that thing

Somehow I knew it was you Spencer, before I looked. Kewl Uni though.

We powdercoated the kh frame from niels orange too. Here a picture, it looks realy nice.


One of my KH frames is also Powdercoated black.

Darren did the powdercoating and added magura mounts to my Stockton 36’er, and I am quite happy with the results. I’ll probably be posting a thread on it when I get my hands on a t7 and freeride seat…

not quite street unicycle, but still sexy. :slight_smile:

Cool, orange is my favorite color. I always tell my self If I ever get a KH I will definitely powder coat it orange. I cant wait to see the pics:D

Jes thats my uni, but i modifyd a few parts after the picture was taken.

They all look pretty sweet, don’t suppose anyone knows of a UK manufacturer or shop that can do the same. offer a powder coating service on frames bought from them

It’s really quite expensive though. I got my frame, rim, steapost and even a seatpost clamp powdercoated in 2 different colours for about £25 and it’s £30 just for the frame at Suppose that’s just because it’s simply not cost effective to do them any cheeper though so they don’t loose any points in my book.

I have been looking at those pics in the gallery, that thing is really nice.

I am riding a koxx wheel right now because I got it from a friend for cheap so I will put in an orange rim strip, I am getting orange pedals, the orange kh frame and I’m getting a new KH fusion street cover (in orange).

Can you tell what my favorite color is?:slight_smile:

Haha, people are always asking for pictures of Darren’s stuff since there aren’t any on his website yet so Darren sent me some to post.

Wow that is a SWEET setup dude! Is that the DH pro streat seat clamp?

No it’s a Brave Pogo clamp. I buyed it at ebay for 15,99€

Wow, a unicycle built just for standup wheel walking. I guess that really is a custom! :smiley:


Not having the seat to lean against your leg would make it harder though :roll_eyes: