Custom Pink Argyle Unicycle Paint Job

I want to share some pictures of the unicycle I painted and refurbished for my girlfriend. It started off as an old beat up torker lx that I sandblasted, repainted and added new pedals, cranks, seat and tire. She rides it all the time and the paint seams to be holding up really well. The pedals are also glow in the dark. Thanks for looking, let me know what you think.

Looks nice. I just ordered some clear glow in the dark pedals. Those pedals go nice with the paint job. I know from rattle canning motorcycle parts that a home paint job can be very durable if its done right. Nice design. When you said Argyle I was expecting something hideous.

Here is a more direct link for others:

Its part way down in the blog. Just skip over the pictures of mangled fingers and you will come to the uni (I’m not kidding).

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The Pink Revolution

Looks like you joined in the wrong forum!


Nice work. That’s a cool looking rim as well.

Looks nice. why are there like 3 slots of the frame for the seat clamp?

Thanks. I’m not sure why it’s got three, I guess that’s just the way torker used to make them. My DX only has one slot.

loppybopster, quit posting your pink uni, you know everywhere you post yours, mine is soon to follow!

the only difference is… mine is mine… my girlfreinds uni is blue :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice! I think I may do a similar thing with my 29", which I rattle-canned a year or two ago in black/white candy-cane-style. After lots of muni and rock impacts, the paint is starting to chip in places. I might repaint it in black/white/orange argyle, or black/white harlequin. Thanks for the inspiration!

Pink Post

Does she have the Pink tights to match?


nice i tried to buy a nimbus hugo but i was too late and they ony made 1.
i was so sad:(

A damn fine job Sam, I love it. :smiley:

didnt find a picture showing only the uni but i think you can see enough: