custom or pre built?

i want to get a new trials unicycle but cant decide to buy one pre built, or buy my own parts and build it exactly how i want it, i have about £220 to spend on it, any ideas?

It is usually a better deal to buy it pre-built, but it depends on what you want the unicycle to have. A Nimbus trials unicycle from here; would fit your budget and easily is upgradable if you want to change something later on.

i really like the nimbus ‘inferno’ :slight_smile:
does anyone have this unicycle and recommend it?

I have a Nimbus trials unicycle with Kris Holm cranks and it is a great unicycle. It is very strong and I never had any major difficulties with it. I would definitely recommend it as a first trials unicycle.

Yeah! It’s a good unicycle to start with! It was also my first unicycle :slight_smile:

I think most people get a pre-built unicycle and then over time you replace parts and it becomes custom

You could buy a Rail Hunter frame and steal the rest?