Custom Nimbus's

$1500 could get you a Kh frame. I know 2 people who have them that I ride with and one has hammered his only broke a total 6 spokes and he got it when they first came out when they were expensive…

Nimbus are really strong but they also dont last forever I broke 2 seat post in a week and then got a KH forged and still have it going strong. I’ve also almost cracked a rim in half but got a new one before I completey stuffed and hurt my self with a KH 09… all the new KH stuff is sooo much stronger then it use to be.

KH has made his rims stronger by making the ovel holes in the rim smaller, frames stronger forkes with stronger welds, seat just look at the 09s for that, 2 strengthing plate pretty much, seat post a pin that goes all the way through, hubs pressed the flanges on and didnt put the KH cuts out on the flanges, spokes are now 14G lighter and stronger…

I would choose KH over Nimbus anyday… even tho my hockey unicycle is nimbus I didnt really have a choice as I couldn’t really afford much more.

All that probley isn’t the best place to put that.

I must say Nimbus trials ISIS are great first trials unicycles

i say they’re great period. for a 185 lb rider, so a total of 200lbs,a minimum of 8000+(distributed over 2 of them) 2’ drops from consistent skinny practice in the past 8 months, and 90% of them horrible form becuase im sidehopping off the skinny/not rolling out at all.

although it was the 07 kh, it didn’t last nearly as long as any of the nimbus. cracks had started in the majority of the drillings. i don’t know if the new kh’s are drilled rims, but i can’t stand drilled rims. i’d rather have the 150g and extra strength. and although i’ve broke many spokes, and had a huge number of bottom outs, it still amazes me how true all of my nimbus rims are.

i’m sure the new kh frame is plenty strong. but so is the nimbus, although heavier(again, i don’t mind) and it’s 65$.

i’m happy with nimbus. $1500 has in no way gone to waste. i will never regret having my 5 nimbus. truly, i don’t regret buying the kh either. i must admit i loved the kh while i had it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You might want to consider getting a 48 spoke quax wheelset. No drill outs. I think that it’s the strongest wheelset on the market. 42 or 44mm wide, like the nimbus.

then in that case i’m very happy with the 05 kh rims.
never knew that. he should make it an option with the current unis then. as long as it’s not drilled i’m happy. i’ll never use a drilled rim again. just too many spots where cracks can start.

yeah i looked up the quax a while back because i have an empty 48 hole hub. unfortunately i can only get them off udc uk or something right now. i love the 48 spokes though, so strong.

i was going to give drilled rims another try:

but 32h AND drilled…i have a feeling it’s just not worth it…

are the new kh rims drilled?

Yes they are drilled and you’d be very surpiresed at how strong they are…

I think a 32H hub and rim (drilled would be strong if it had a good wheel build. I would get one

that 2010?

I was looking at the custom kh rims and the holes look huge, but they’re 2008.

after noticing they were only 55$ for those awesome colors, after all the anti kh stuff, im thinking about building a kh wheelset.

i have my old 07 hub, this one…Major Hub Flange FAIL!

…mine never did this though. im thinking about sending it to udc and getting one of those rims built on it. id have a kh wheelset for like $100… do you think its worth it to continue to use this hub? It was used for a total of 4 months before the rim broke at the seam, and the frame snapped. the hub never gave me problems. i just wonder if i build this, if, the hub will fail within a month.

was this a mass flaw in the 07 hubs as well?

here’s the massive failure in the 07 rim. was this common with 07? i mean honestly, the whole thing just failed. it was literally about to just split into two halves. and it was manufactured poorly. the distance between the drills/nipple holes vary all around the rim

and a pic of the hub…worth using? i think so…

That hub still looks awesome! maybe wash it a little bit and it should be good for riding again:) For the rim, it happened to every drilled rim I had, I haven’t looked at my 09 though since I got it last summer…


upon closer investigation…in that pic it looks good…but it’s all bent up :(. i put the wheel in the unicycle frame, and spun it and both flanges are totally out of wack. I wasn’t even aware of this. that probably didn’t help with the strength of the rim at all…

your rim looks mint…

Also the KH 09 rims are sooo much stronger because of the offset spokes like Emile.m has said.

question about that hub. . . and my hub too now that I look at it.

Is there a specific reason for the holes in the flanges of the hub? (not the holes for the spokes of course) I had not noticed this on my Nightrider, but it also has these, not this shape, but they don’t seem to serve a purpose. I HOPE it’s not an attempt at weight savings, because that just seems silly. I imagine it’s still strong, but it may loose some lateral strength.

My large-flange bicycle hubs on my road bike don’t have these, but come to think of it, I have seen these holes in the flanges of some bike hubs. . . maybe I’m just thinking about this too much . . . it is 4:30 in the morning . . . : <

If your hub is a nimbus it should be fine. The ones like the KH 07 had to much material removed so the flanges bent. I know my old hub had bent flanges and probably the biggest thing I did on it was a six or a seven set and i didn’t do them that often then.

Ohhh BTW. DSchmitt as has been said by others i think the new KH rims are stronger then the Nimbus ones becaus the spokes are off set. If you want the "strongest rim for a unicycle i would think the new undrilled K-1 rim would be your best bet. Ohh and also go CF! Its awesome and you won’t regret it!

i think they did do it for weight savings. but i’m not entirely sure. i’d think that’d be a bit dumb, seeing as it save like 10g if that, and seriously compromise strength.

i’ve been thinking about cf, but i know nothing about it. i wish theyd just sell already build cf saddles and not the base. are they easy to make and stuff? i’d be worried about drilling the holes wrong.

yeah it’d probably help if there was a smaller number of just circular holes. the nimbus have a few circular holes and i’ve had no problems with em yet. on that hub theres like 64 spots for a crack to just easily start.

i really like the new look of the kh hubs though. and they look super sturdy

ok I knew the 09 and 010 rims were pretty much the same… I still want your rim it looks cool



where do the yellow handles/bumpers come from??? i love those

Quax saddles I think.

yeah, those are bumpers from a qu ax saddle on a udc carbon base w kh foam and cover.

they’re QU-AX handles I think.

would be even cooler if the clamp and rim were the same shade of green