Custom Nimbus's

mr.UNIversal and the guy above me: Yo rides are PIMP. I hopefully getting a KH 20" trials although that is not a nimbus and not custom. lol.

My New Nimbus just turned up today. :slight_smile:

Not custom but Im just excited… :smiley:

My parts are on the way!! Here are the specs:
(I already have the frame)
Frame: Custom metallic green nimbus frame
Seat: kh fusion street, all black
Seatpost: black 4 bolt, if I break it, I’ll get a better one
Clamp: black quick release
Nimbus 26" muni rim (I think I’m gonna drill it, but I’ll keep the holes small for strength. I’ll bevel them so you can see the silver ring around the hole)
Spokes: 14g black
Nipples: green to match frame
Hub: nimbus isis cromo
Cranks: venture 152’s
Pedals: jim c’s or green pcs

I’m very confuzzeled. Should I leave on my Longneck frame and possibly kill the seatposts while crankflipping?

Or just leave on the Nimbus 2 frame I have with a pretty kickass seatpost and the ends chopped off?


wow… it looks so much like a 16" trials uni. Are those cranks 127mm or 152mm? they looks pretty long for 127mm and short for 152mm.

The Mighty Inverticycle

This is one of my Nimbusses (Nimbi?) that I’ve been playing around with recently;

It was a plain old chrome Nimbus (Euro frame I think it’s called?), with hookworm tyre, which was great for hockey. I’ve added the fork extensions (Thanks Fraggle) and another wheel… oh and decorated with home made vinyl graphics as an homage to The Mighty Boosh.

The graphics have been on the top half (ie the Unicycle) for almost a year now, so they’re a little bit smudged… but I’m sure Noel Fielding would still be proud though :smiley:

Oh, and the seat is on backwards because the pedals kept on unscrewing themselves!



Oh, and whilst I’m posting in the Custom Nimbus thread, here’s my muni;

It’s actually the same unicycle that UCD UK list on their ‘specials’ page, except that I’ve changed the wheel for an almost identical one but with the older style KH 8 spline hub.

Of course, a unicycle normally looks better if it’s cleaned before being photographed… but, I think it is actually against the law to clean a muni :smiley:


You need a freeride seat for your MUni or something along the lines :slight_smile: Awesome set-ups !

Why? The saddle I’ve got is perfectly comfortable for muni. Maybe a bit heavy, but generally the whole thing is pretty heavy.


Nice, the two wheeler looks great.

The crotch groove helps alot… you should know that… or… not…

Did you check to make sure that your right crank is on the right side and let crank is on the left side(when the seat is facing the correct direction.) That could be your problem.

They are 127mm cranks. :slight_smile:


Yes, the cranks are on the correct side, which is the problem. Being a two-wheeler, I’m pedalling backwards 99% of the time. It’s quicker and easier to turn the seat around than strip it all down to get the wheel out to turn that around.


You could simply pull the cranks and swap those - but it seems you already have a solution…

Oooh! I like the graphics! it’s kinda like mine, the paint was starting to fade, so I found one of the greatest inventions on earth… the sharpie pens! this is the results:


I just finished up some of the customization on my 24" Nimbus MUNI. Still have a couple of items I am working on but thought I would post up some pics of how it looks now.

Orange/Black checkerboard fade paint

Orange logo on Venture Cranks

I have heard some bashing about the head badge, but I think it is a pretty neat design, just had to cover up the putrid bronze color.
That is a Nimbus seat clamp with the lettering filled in and color matched (the standard orange doesn’t match at all)

Rolling on an Electra Fattie-O 24x3 cruiser tire

Now I just have to learn to ride it

Wow! this uni is awsome, you did a really good job. Now it looks like a Bedford uni, Haha. I like the way you painted the frame, it looks really nice.

I just put the Nimbus seat from my other uni on my Nimbus II, and I really like the look. Oh, and I also put a 114mm crank on(the other one is 89mm).

Totally custom.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well… its not finished yet, but I’ve begun to break it in lol. Here’s my custom nimbus as it stands right now:
Custom powdercoated nimbus frame (the color is metallic and much more intense than it appears in this pic)
Nimbus isis hub, black spokes, nimbus muni rim, green nips to match the frame (just finished building it)
Kh street saddle (I think I’ll go back to the nimbus street saddle, it’s the most comfortable saddle I’ve used)
Venture 152’s

Clear green pc’s to come, I was gonna custom drill the rim, that’s one of the reasons I went w/ the nimbus, but I decided to keep the extra strength and see how it holds up. I laced the wheel cross 4 instead of the usual 3, still a heck of a lot lighter than my 29er! Mostly laced it that way for the fun of it, built it up and after I brought most of the spokes up close to full tension and stressed them a bit, I realized I had not boxed the valve stem correctly :frowning:
(I carefully laced it up, and the spokes seemed like they were too long, so I started to pull it apart, after double checking the spoke length, I rebuilt the wheel but I kinda rushed it, hence my error) oh well, it’s gonna stay like that now! :slight_smile: