custom munis (hummers of the unicycle world)

hey ive been looking on the forums for custom munis and didnt find any threads and then i thought why theres trials bikes trials unis,mountain bikes mountain unis,freestyle bikes freestyle unis,tall bikes tall unis,road bikes road unis.i meant u see guys at the skate park on big 24 and 26 inch bmx mountain the american t.v shows those big hummer things with the rims and paint and everything y cant there be hummers of the unicycle world i ride my stock 2008 nimbus 24 muni for trials street and muni ive done 5 foot drops on it and it was fine im just saying pimp ur munis out and post`em like paint,rim,cranks,spokes,pedals,tyre,seat whatever u like even a sticker just pimp it im pimping mine shortly…

For a stock muni, its all ready pretty hummer-pimped. The frame is even painted in hummer-black.


It should be in hummer yellow

why not hummer orange?? lol
surly’s are definitely the hummers of the uni-world