Custom Muni

How will this muni be?

Suzue 36-hole High-Flange Cotterless Hub
Alex DX32 Rim
Yuni Frame Chrome-Plated
Nokian Gazzaloddi 24 x 3.0 Downhill Fat Tire
Nokian Downhill Tubes
Kris Holm Saddle by Velo

what affordable cranks are good? any better parts in the same price range as listed above? thanks

IMHO I think you should just order something straight from instead of trying to put it together over time with all the parts. If you want the velo seat, just call in and tell them you want the velo seat with your uni.
Andrew Carter knows what im talking about.


It’s often better to assemble your own unicycle. This way you get the parts that you want, and the ability to save on a wheel build if you can do it yourself… When you order any unicycle from it’s almost the same as parting one together yourself, they just give you a general platform to start on.


have a look at the KH 24" MUni on, it’s quality.


I agree with Dylan. If you live in America, go for the KH 24" muni. It’s pretty cheap and you’ll get a splined hub and crankset. The only reason I built a custom muni was because I originally though I could get everything from Australian distributors and save on a lot of shipping. I built the wheel myself and saved a bit there but generally, I wasn’t worth it for me. Having said this, I think my muni’s beautiful and great to ride!