Custom Muni

Hey All,

I have a custom built 24" that I have not ridden in quite some time. Frame is custom, (made by George Barnes - GB4 - red if that matters), profile hub and cranks, Nokian Gazzaloddi 3.0", Magura hydralic brakes, carbon fiber air seat with leather cover, Thomson Seat Post, Wellgo magnesium platform pedals.

This was the very best you could do 10 years ago, and probably cost $1K in parts to build.

Has not been ridden is quite a few years and so I’m open letting it go.

I’m in Boulder, Co. Would prefer to deal local rather than ship. If you’re interested call me, I can texts some pics, 303-881- ninety eight seventy four

was thinking ~$450ish sounded fair, but if that seems way off then call me and talk to me about it.

thanks, joel-

Does it have the GB4 handle on the front? Are you willing to part with the handle separately if it went for a good price? : ) I’ve been looking for a GB4 for a long time.

Yes it does, but I’m not looking to part anything out, just looking to find her a new home and free up some garage space. Thanks for the interest though!

I’m guessing George stop making those handles a long time ago … now that he’s all grown up …

Any pictures out of curiosity? I have a Profile wheelset Yuni 20" that fell into my lap a while back, so I appreciate that vintage of uni.

I’ll take a few and try to get them posted tonight.

What type of carbon fibre saddle is it?

I don’t remember. The seat base/pan is carbon, then the seat rails bolt to the carbon frame and have a special post to mount the brake, there is an innertube, padding and custom leather cover. It’s how everyone was doing way back then.