Custom muni update...

Well I thought it was all going to work out perfectly and that I was going to be able to ride my new custom muni before my 4 week holiday on Christmas Day, but I’ve just recieved some terrible news. I got an email saying that the number on my Mum’s credit card wasn’t working. I checked and I had given them the right number and the card has been working fine for ordering other things. This means that I won’t recieve the rim, tyre, stiffener plate or video before Christmas and I won’t have my unicycle done before my holiday. I was looking forward to riding my new unicycle more than going on this holiday and that’s really saying something because it’s going to be a great holiday. This is the most depressing news I’ve recieved in a long time.

The frame’s finished and I’m going to pick it up from Ian on monday. He sounded really happy with how it turned out and he said it fit perfectly with the Profile hub. He also added some more ‘grip’ on the crown as I requested.

I suppose I can use the extra time with my current uni to work on my new suicide mount and unispin skills and to work on riding narrower rails.


I’m not angry with or anything silly like that, I’m just depressed.

That sucks. I hate when you get fucked by the things you dont have any control over.

Well you have one major accomplishment with the frame being done. Maybe you can start a new form of riding, like an ultimate wheel, but just a frame and a seat. You could probably incorperate alot of freestyle walking into it. Ultimate frame is gonna be sweet. Maybe you could even do like a Kickflip to Suicide.


Custom muni update…

C’mon, C-nuts!

You’ve been asked before to watch the language!

How come you never make any typing or spelling mistakes when you post vulgarity?


Grow up.

Re: Custom muni update…

Steady folks. It’s only a game.

I agree the language is inappropriate for this forum

I don’t agree about the typing or spelling, though - you missed two errors. ;0)

(This was written in a friendly post modern ironic sort of way. I’m not the speling Perlice.)

Hmmm… ultimate frame… I think I have an old frame and a nasty old seat lying around… maybe I’ll give that a try.
Where would your feet go? On the fork?

Ooooooooo pain! How much fun!!

Your right. Suicide mount would be impossible…