Custom Kris Holm Unicycles

that cat is da bomb

hehehe, I got three cats…they are all phat :sunglasses:

Sweet pussies.

it an original devil original, Axiom pedals, Luna trial tire, custom carrot valve cap and KH 2005 frame. i broke my Koxx-one frame last week, so i was ride a Bedford style trial frame, really heavy compare to KH…

here’s mine… just got it a couple of days ago…:smiley:

man sick uni. ,now thats custom. I would suggest maybe geting rid of those pedals. The colour is sweet but they dont look like they’ll hold up.

If there’s not, you should put a piece of rubber between the seatpost and the carbon fiber!

Cool Uni BTW!

The pedals are strong enough, i use them too and they last a year for me.
And they are light as hell :smiley:

I broke my MG-1’s dropping 6 pallets at UNICON… Now I’m riding Odyssey Plastic and for me they are better for everything!

okay i’ll do that;)

A piece of tube is enough I think. It will give a longer life to your CF. The metal can hurt the carbon fiber and make a stress spot… :wink:

thats one nice unicycle! are the tenisile crank much lighter than the moments and what hub you use with it?

I’m pretty sure that the Tensiles are the lightest cranks on the market, and any ISIS hub will be ok, even Koxx hubs!

I think ( if I remember right ) Tensiles are 100 grams ~ less…

Moments are 500-ish Grams,

Tensiles ( I presume) are 400-ish…

Moments are about 630g
Tensiles about 450g

Wasnt that far off!

My Uni

My uni is really similar.

Cf base with drilled bumper :stuck_out_tongue:
Chromo post cut short
KH longneck frame and clamp
Kh wheelset
Tensile cranks
DMR magnesium V12 pedals
Monty Eagleclaw tyre

Have you ridden your frame at all? How do you like it compared to the nimbus? Is it worth the 200 bucks?

Its way better for foot on crown things.I can already glide like 2x better on it.If you have money just sitting there then its definately worth it.Ive only ridden it for a day at my preferred seta height after cutting the tube down slightly so i havent been able to test it out alot.It feels much lighter IMO

What is the weight difference between the nimbus II frame and the KH 08 frame?