Custom Kris Holm Unicycles

Awesome, looks similar to my new uni :wink:
Pedro, your uni is awesome too. I think the pink would look better if it were brighter, still really nice though.

It was my intention but the powder coating guy was an idiot! I asked fluo pink, but he did a terrible job. There are spots with more paint than others… The tone sucks…Rediculous…

I found a new powder coatery and he showed his fluo pink and it’s really awesome… I will wait until the paint gets old and I will paint again :smiley: Maybe other color scheme but with fluo colors :smiley:

I told you you were getting one! Post pics though I’m guessing its almost the same. Is yours a double crown or regular longneck? Shaun, Kelly, and Kevin also got one right?

Also Luke? He seems to like his seat low though, probably not a longneck.
We have seen Fredrick’s:

But what is with the Try-All? :thinking: Is that not against sponsorship???

He is probably getting an 08 or already has one but I was talking about from bedford.

Shaun, Kelly, Spencer, Kevin, and I got orange kh 08s. Darren said that’s the bedford team color now. I had to pay for mine though:(:D.

i think it’s in the wrong thread. and why is it all different colour? do you planify change the colour scheme of your uni?

he’s sponsored by kris holm. kris holm uses maxxis tire, but it’s no such thing as kris holm tire… either pedals… so he can use all tires and pedal as he wants and that is one cool uni :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks awesome Fredrik! Don’t know if anyone else has asked but how did you get the pink seat cover? Did you just dye a red one or something? I was thinking of doing the same thing except a purple frame, when I get a KH that is

I’m getting a purple KH frame as well:O, except I think my uni will be multi colored instead of matching.

haha, fredrik made that picture in paint or something. his uni is actually original kris holm blue…

lol, I saw that uni at Unicon! He could powder coat it, but you can see a bit of pink in the black part of the seat cover!

Anyway, was this pic shooted at UNICON? This place looks like the back of sondemark (flat comp)…

Haha well it’s not a bad photoshop; had me fooled!

It does look pretty awesome. You can get this spray-on zinc anodising stuff, I’m thinking a stripped KH frame anodised red or purple would look awesome.

I just need to decide whether to get 137 or 125mm cranks. I’m thinking maybe 125s for the little bit of extra speed and flipping leverage, without the loss of much balance. What do other people ride/suggest?

were do u get custom kh frames

here is my new KH !:smiley:

sweet, and is that a cat’s tail?

show us a picture of the cat

somehow I dont think I would class that as new… and is it only the frame that is KH??

05 KH frame.

He will, Pictures of cats arent missing in his household.

yeah. I think so.

yes it is:)

here it is :slight_smile:

why not new? because my frame is used? and only the frame is a KH, but the frame is the body of the uni, so i think when you change frame from Koxx to KH it change for a KH uni. :slight_smile:

it’s a shameless
Way cool cat by the way