Custom Kris Holm Unicycles

yes you can buy a new wheel should fit if Hugo can put one.

Yeah, I mean I am. Basically after riding such a nice frame, you don’t care to ride anything else.

Because the rest isn’t good enough :slight_smile: Yeah, I know what you mean :smiley:

Zachary Wenner presents… My Favorite unicycle ever!

cause its custom to my wishes:D


  • Orange Kris Holm Street Gel with CF base
  • 08 Kris Holm Seat Post
  • 08 Kris Holm Longneck Frame powdercoated orange
  • Standard Kris Holm 08 wheel
  • White Tryall Tire
  • 125mm Kris Holm Moments
  • Orange Odyssey Twisted Pcs
See the rest of the pics:

I plan on putting orange tape under the rim tape once I can get my hands on some cause the blue doesn’t really match the color scheme;).

It looks amazing! I really like the orange and white.
All you need now is rollo disks and you will have a perfect unicycle.

A white K-1 Clamp would look good on it.

For people who asked: My Custom KH 2008 Long Neck! You can see some black marks on the rim, but just marks from my shoes (riding flat stuff). I had lots of problems to have this uni. The powder coating isn’t really good, the guy painted in the wrong pink, but I liked it :smiley: it’s sexy and all the ladies like it! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a standart KH with white tire, white rim tape, different color scheme and laser etched frame!

Soon I will make a Pink Seat Cover. Actually I made one, but the guy did everythong in the wrong way. Changed positions, the pink look like orange… Really sucks!

Thanks Kris, Lars and Olaf for the help on this uni!

EDIT: you’ll see this uni in action soon on my new video :smiley:

Okay, I like your frame, but I really can’t stand the pink. But that’s a matter of taste, I guess, and it is considered hip… I’d like it in black all over or with orange or red instead of pink. Maybe it’ll be better with the pink seat cover…

Nice pedro, I like it but I think a black tire would look better.

I see you have some rollo-disks, can you give a review?

Are those crank nub extender things for sale yet? Spencer said somthing about them at moab 08, that they would be an optional choice addon when you order the cranks or unicycle. Just wondering where you got them.

I think it would look much better with a black tire because you have a bigger contrast to the pinkt.

Except of this (and the blue seat cover) I realy like your uni.

Kris called this crank attachments Rollo Disks. They’ll be avaliable next months second Kris. Those are prototypes.

Olaf made some prototypes and I’m riding them… There are some riders with it: Spencer, Raphael P., Daniel Adde…

I can’t say much about that, since I have them just for some days. I can say that’s way better for crank rolls, you have better felling and stability. I stoped hitting my ankles with Moments, and even with the attachments I don’t hit anymore. Probably the final product will be more professional and give better results! Let’s wait Kris releasing them…

Spencer wrote about that too!

I used the Black Tire, but I didn’t liked it… The white tire gives a special touch :roll_eyes:

It’ll look a whole lot better w/ out a blue seat

Yeah, sure… But I need a good people to make it… And it’s hard to find here… I’m riding REALLY HARD, and probably will need a new cover soon… I will wait a bit to spend on that…

Yea. I still looks way cool so don’t worry haha
Even an all black seat cover would look good though

Sweet unis, Zachary and Pedro ! :slight_smile:

Really funky colours eh ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I hope to have a pretty cool uni to post here before too long :slight_smile:


Both those unicycles are awesome but would look so much better with black tyres!

Both of the last two unicycles look sick.
I was wondering how much does the KH longneck cost from bedford?

$500 U.S. dollars for a stock longneck kh plus shipping.

Hmm, well, the girls seem to like it:D Maybe I should spray all my unis pink now :roll_eyes:

Sort of Customised Koxx… not changed a great deal. Tis a nice ride though.

Hope Y’all like it.