Custom Kris Holm Trials and Custom Street Unicycle

Hey Guys,

I have been riding for the past four years now, and I have come to the end of my unicycling career. I have started seriously training for triathlons in Ottawa, and have found no time to ride my unicycles. As a result of this, I am ready to part with both of my unicycles. Here are the specs:

Trials: no pedals **

-Kris Holm 07 Trials Frame (Blue) - with gnurling
-Kris Holm Double Bolt Clamp
-Kris Holm Aluminum Seatpost
-Kris Holm Fusion Seat (Black)
-Koxx-One Cranks
-Koxx-One Hub
-Viz Rim (19" Drilled - 36H - 46mm wide) - (Red)
-DT Champion Silver Spokes
-Monty Eagle Claw Tire (19x2.6) - (lots of tread)


-Bedford Frame (Silver)
-Pazzaz Triple Bolt Clamp
-Bedford Seatpost
-Kris Holm Fusion Seat (Orange)
-Kris Holm Cranks (2007)
-Kris Holm Hub (2007)
-Alex DX32 Rim (20" - 36H) - (Black)
-DT Champion Silver Spokes
-Maxxis Hookworm Tire (20x1.95)
-Plastic Street Pedals

For the trials unicycle, I barely got a chance to ride this. I had previous to this unicycle, a Bedford Hardcore, and rode that like mad. When I got more serious about unicycling, I custom ordered all these different parts to build my dream trials unicycle. Unfortunately, my career on this unicycle was short lived. It has only had about a month of use, and the tire has tons of tread left. There are a couple of minor scuffs, but otherwise the unicycle in in mint condition. It rides like a dream, and is extremely light. When I bought the unicycle it ran me well over $1000 in total costs, so I am looking for around $400 for it, but am willing to negotiate that.

On the other hand is the street unicycle. This was built up with my Bedford frame and seatpost, looking into the whole street style of riding. It has been riden about 5 times, and has never seen any serious action. The wheelset is brand new, and was built by Darren Bedford. In total costs, this ran me around $600 - $700, and I am looking in the $300 -$350 area, though I am again, willing to negotiate the pricings.



p.s: Pictures will be available shortly […]

Hey Harry, it is a shame to hear you are getting out of the sport. Just to let you know though, that the KH 08 which is a fair amount better than your trials, is selling for 550 new.

The Nimbus street, which is quite similar to your street uni is selling for about 340 with moments, and it has a few things going for it to make it a bit better as well.

I’m not meaning to kill your sale, just letting you know what the market is looking like these days, so you can know what kind of prices people are looking at these days.

Yea, it is unfortunate really. Though i haven’t been keeping myself up to date so I am totally unaware of pricings, that is why i said, willing to negotiate, because I have no idea really. Thanks for the heads up though. I just need them out of the garage.

I passed the message along to a couple of guys from hull who need new unis, hopefully you hear from them.

Thanks a lot. I need some more money because I am looking into getting aero wheels for the racing bike. I have solid wheels on there now, but they rode across Canada this summer, and they have sustained over 10,000 km of distance and a lot of bumps in the roads. Plus I am going to be racing in the spring. Also looking to get a single speed commuter built up for the spring. So i am looking for money :).


Here are some pictures:

What size cranks are the koxx?
And would you maybe be willing to part out the wheel on the trials uni?
I’m guessing you’re in Canada?
What would the shipping be about to california?

I would rather the unicycle sell as a whole unit rather than parting it out. But if it comes down to parting it out you can have the wheel. I would be willing to ship to California, but you would be paying for the shipping.



Id Buy the KH frame/post/seat if it ends up parting, im in Hull…

What size are they cranks

Hey Guys,

That would work out great. I am will part it out, i just need to have both homes confirmed.

-How much are you (UniKid2) willing to pay for the Frame/Post/Clamp/Seat? Name a price.

-How much are you (Magixause) willing to pay for the Wheelset? Name a price.

Magixause, if you are still interested, the cranks are 140mm and are in great riding shape.




We will have to see about it though, because I have to have two confirmed buyers in order to part it out. I don’t want to be left with outstanding parts. Though I was thinking more on the lines of $150.

That’s about the right price, maybe a bit more.

I would like $200 to stand firm for that, if I were parting it out. It is definitely worth it. There is no wear to the frame at all, and it comes complete with the seat, clamp, and post. I barely got a chance to ride it.

how much to ship the complete trials to Arkansas?

Ill pass… ill just get an 04 frame/post/clamp for 90$… thanks anyways


FluxUni, you have been PMed about the shipping costs. Thanks for you interest.


Ill Scavenge any Spare or random parts…

A brand new 08 KH frame from Darren (bedford unicycles) is $150. I think more around $125 for frame, seatpost, seatclamp.