Custom Kris Holm KH20

Really want to sell my trials unicycle.

-KH Fusion Street Saddle with Carbon Fiber Base
-KH Forged Seatpost 27.2
-White Koxx-One Seatpost Clamp
-KH20 Frame (2005)
-Monty Eagle Claw 20x2.6" Tire (not even close to bald in any spots, very good condition)
-KH20 Rim 36 Offset Spokes
-Super Strong Stainless Steel Nipples (I used to break tones of the stock KH nipples, so I got them replaced with these and haven’t broken one)
-KH Ti Hub
-KH Moment Cranks 137mm
-Odyssey Twisted Pedals & Wellgo MG1 Magnesium Pedals

When put together, it was around $1100. A few months ago I was asking $800. So throw me some offers. YOU pay shipping.


thoese didnt look offset but if i pay shipping would you ship to Hungary? :thinking:

if i get a chance could i come and try it sometime…stouffville is close to toronto right?

Isaac, you got this uni from your sponsor, the parts from you are the one you replaced and sold. I dont think you can sell a uni you got from a sponsorship IMO…

Anyway, I can’t do anything with this, I’ll miss you riding, I already do…

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I replaced the rim with an older KH rim. So yes, the spokes are not offset. I was breaking so many nipples.

I’d probably ship to Hungary if your willing to pay shipping. I don’t know how much shipping would be…

I’ll send you a PM.

Stouffville is like 35-45 minutes from downtown Toronto depending on traffic. So yes, it’s close. If your interested in buying it, you can definitely come try it sometime. :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a PM aswell.

I talked to Olaf about it, and there is no problem with me selling a sponsorship unicycle. Quite a few of the parts I had put on it, and not my sponsorship.