custom koxx1

this is my old uni and ive decided that im gona sell it. im selling it for $100 and u pay shipping. ill post pics tomorrow prolly.

what size wheel? what model? what style of riding is it ment for?

its a 20in for trials. ill have pics up in a little.

I call dibs!
Will you part out?

If you’ll part out and somone wants the uper part I’ll take the lower (wheelset). Otherwise if its good enough deal I’ll buy the whole thing

dude $100 is too cheap for a full uni…

Sorry to ruin on your party people but seems harsh to do this.

do you have a surplus of money or something??? Some of us are poor as hell and need deals like this so we can have a good uni to progress our riding… if you have salesmen advise please send a PM next time…

I think Brendan was just trying to ensure that everyone gets a fair deal. For what it’s worth, I think that $100 is far too cheap too, but, as the old saying goes, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. If it really is worth $100, then you’re not going to get a great unicycle for that money - I’d certainly want to count the wheels before parting with any cash. However, I’d want to check out the validity of the offer; a new user, Mickey Mouse, offering what looks like a fantastic price without photos to back it up yet just rings alarm bells for me.

If it is genuine, which I hope it is, I would just like to see that it is fair for everyone, and no one looses out.


hes got a point

the only reason im selling it for $100 is cause its really scratched and i tried to put an X on the wheel for an FFA thing.

ill say $160 for all and shipping (shipping a uni is really expensive)

its as straight as toothpick and has the koxx hub, and cranks, i grinded one side of the pedal to grind with but replacing pedals is cheap. also the seat is a new nimbus, pretty much only used like 3-4 times.

Ill take it Pm sent

I already called it but if he wants to sell it to you over me or I don’t want it you can have it.
What width rim and how good shape is the rim in?
And paypal?

I still think it stands that if you want to give someone advise on their sale… do it through a pm so as to not crush the dreams of the potential cheap buyers.

On second thought he can have it. I don’t really need to spend that money right now when I can just get a new rim.

Not unless I wanted people to feel a little dishonest…

Either way, I still think the seller is being had, $100 is the price of the hub and cranks alone… but hopefully someone that is new to the sport will be able to grab the uni.

ok guys why im selling it so fast is because i need the money badly.:slight_smile:

whats the status on this uni? any bites yet?

the uni is still for sale. $160 shipped.