Custom KH20 & Parts

Ok, im ready to sell this thing now.

IM ASKING $450.00 obo

It has about 8 hours on it. I rode it for about 2 weeks and then i got burnt out, now i found a hobby that pays so this is collecting dust!

Its a:

2007 KH20 Frame, Powder coated Cadillac Pearl.
2008 Wheelset With 137mm Cranks.
Profile Single Bolt Clamp.
Oddessy Glow in The Dark PC Pedals.

I would be willing to part out but everything has to be called and ready to be paid for before i sell anything i dont want useless parts sitting around my house.

ALSO I Have Some Parts Forsale. MAKE OFFERS.

19" Trials Tube
Blue KH Double Bolt Clamp
A Blue and Green Saddle Cover
Oddessy Jim C’s
Blue 19’’ rim Tape
Rolos: SOLD

If you part it out, I’m interested in the wheelset.

How much?

How much of the wheelset? I don’t need the cranks, pedals or tire, but if no one wants them, I can probably buy them off you.

I don’t need much more than the rim with the hub inside attached with spokes. :slight_smile:

If you part out I’m interested in the tire and seatpost. How does $60+shipping sound?

How much would you give for the wheel set excluding tire the tire?

Pictures would be nice to ascertain a price. I’ll think about it though.

Wow, this is pretty sad. I remember something like you fighting your parents to get a uni, they said you would get bored with it. You spent a bunch to get it powder coated too and now you quit, right away? I guess your parents were right…

Hey, ay least he went with good KH gear, so that we can now benefit through the purchase of discount parts!

How much for the frame?

I necessarly didnt get bored, i found a hobby that i enjoy that i could make a career out of and in my opinion its a little more important.

And Peripatet make me an offer! :wink:

What’s the hobby??

Hard to explain, simply put motocross. :wink:

I may be interested in the tire if Julia_B doesn’t take it, maybe… How much would you want to get for it?

Well, it’s two years old, and used (however lightly). $100, plus shipping?

(If somebody outbids me, I’m A-okay with it and won’t be offended at all.)

Ok the part out is on hold waiting on people to buy the rest!

Frame: ON HOLD FOR Peripatet
Rim, Spokes, and Hub: ON HOLD FOR Biggestbtc
Tire, Seat Post: ON HOLD FOR Julia B

So that leaves:

Slim Jim Seat Post Clamp

Practically New Moment Cranks 137mm

Red Rim tape

Twisted PC glow in the dark pedals.


also i have brand new 661 leg armor size Small never worn.

Dibs, if they are 4x4s, I was about to buy the sixsixone 4x4’s, small. If your selling I’ll give you the money instead. Price? I’ll pm you. Are they 4x4s?

Every thing is sold or in pending sale besides:

Used Trial Tube

KH fusion street saddle with red cover and red lace

Green fusion street saddle cover

profile slim jim clamp 31.8

and blue 19" rim tape

Everything is sold besides, blue 19" rim tape, a green KH fusion street saddle cover new, and a slightly used trials tube.

I will pretty much give this stuff away, like $15 shipped. :sunglasses:

There is a CC with 98% tread left, and a brand new pair of rolo’s left!