Custom KH trials

Howdy all,

My wonderful wife has dictated that in order for me to purchase new shiny things, I need to sink some of the unused ships in my armada.

So, my trusty customised kh trials is up for grabs. This uni started life as a stock 2008 kh trials, which I purchased new in 2009, and I rode for a few years before giving a makeover in 2011.

I have never been that into trials, so it has only really seen minimal use in the scale of things.

Custom powder coated long neck frame, which was chemically stripped and professionally recoated in an awesome glossy fire truck red. Saddle is a 2010 kh street (the new design), and seatpost is the two piece pinned non adjustable with polished upper piece (the one before Kris released the one piece design)

Wheelset is stock 2008, with the black CrMo hub with kh cutouts.

Cranks are nimbus venture 1’s, not optimal for hard trials but still quite solid, with the original metal odyssey pedals as well (some scuffing). Creepy crawler was new in 2011, and has about 80% tread remaining.

The new kh long neck goes for 459 euro. Given the sexiness of this unicycle, especially the frame, it is very difficult for me to part ways with it, but I am going to let it go for 240euro to make way for bigger and better things. That’s less than the cost of the new nimbus or Qx series, and will buy you a whole lot of unicycle goodness.

Selling only within the EU/UK and buyer pays shipping costs. Payment by paypal, or bank transfer If you are in Denmark.

PM me for more detailed pics if you are interested.



Price drop and bump!

Come and down and snap up a beautiful unicycle for a bargain price.

Price now 220Euro, buyer pays shipping. Will also ship anywhere in the world provided you pay the cost!

PM me for shipping costs or further info.




And price drop…200Euro (with shipping conditions as given above)…

This is a sexy unicycle…and I’ll be sad to see it go, but hoping someone has more time to give it the love and attention that it should be getting.


Sold to an old friend who has always harbored unicycling thoughts…

He’s already riding 50m without a UPD, should have another riding buddy soon! Just need to get him into muni next!