Custom KH Trials

Hello everyone!

I finally decided it was time to get rid of my spare Trials uni to help me pay for another uni :stuck_out_tongue: This uni has served me alot but I need another 24". Nothing is broken or cracked, the rim is not perfectly round but it’s not noticable when riding and it’s true. The hub flanges are a little bit bent, but as I said, nothing is cracked. Everything else has normal scratches that comes from a Trials rider. The tire will be washed before shipping. :slight_smile:

•KH '07 Street saddle with Coker cover
•Seatpost KH 2008 (forged)
•KH Longneck frame 2009
•Hub KH 2008
•Rim KH 2008 painted Key Lime
•Try-all Light tire (used for 3 rides)
•K-1 Light cranks (not pictured yet)

Not scratched side:

Scratched side:

KH hub (showing the bent flanges):

Most used spot on the tire:

I’m asking $350 for it. It is negociable. Buyer pays shipping from Ottawa, Canada.


Lowered the price to $320CAD +Shipping.

If you’re willing to part out, i’d defff buy that tire :slight_smile:

The only thing I can part out is the frame. I have someone interested for the wheel but I’d rather sell the whole thing.

How much for the frame?

The lower I can go is $125 CAD + shipping and only if the wheel is sold. I need to sell the whole thing. I have too much 20" Trials parts, I need to sell this to pay for my other 24".


Uni is still available for $320 CAD + Shipping!

Ok? Thanks for the bump M.Spam! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now has the K-1 light cranks on and a pair of KHE simulator pedals.

still for sale?