Custom KH carbon fiber seat

Hey folks. I can’t use this, so maybe you can! Up for grabs is my old carbon fiber seat. Custom built by none other than…me. lol This seat is made from a KH Fusion Freeride saddle, includes the slit down the middle of the foam and the removable seat cover, it’s a very comfy seat. It fit’s the new KH forged seat posts, but only barely, see pic, and has the old style bolt setup with the bolts sticking out the bottom.

I feel like this saddle would be best for someone doing either XC type stuff, or even touring, distance and is willing to mod either the base, or handle setup to work with the handle on a 36er. It would work great for someone that has a rail type seat post that’s compatible with the old style bolt setup. or someone that doesn’t want a lot of angle on their seat. The front grab handle is a little off center, but I grab with my left hand and didn’t mind it at all. I had a few riders that used their right hands try it out and they didn’t seem to mind it either.

Ok enough running my mouth/fingers, time for the important part, PRICE! I would like to get $50 USD plus shipping for this. feel free to shoot me an offer though and maybe we can work something out. I’m also willing to trade. Looking for a KH longneck trials frame, animal hamilton pc plastic pedals, juggling props. Feel free to offer whatever else you may be looking to trade though.

PM’ed for a friend! :slight_smile:

I will take it if Jacob’s friend doesn’t want it.