custom IMPACT unicycle

*saddle naomi black carbon
*seat tube impact
*seat clamp exceed
*frame gravity longneck with titan screws
*eiffel tower cranks
*pedals knock out titan
*whell set with titan hub
*try all light.

how light is it??

and i love it how koxx-one is all over the walls but its and impact uni :stuck_out_tongue:

holy shit!!! :smiley: you richy :stuck_out_tongue: nice uni

koxx one is very good for decoration :smiley:

its weight is about 4 kg :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: says the one with echo SL’s!

very nice uni though, super super super light! :smiley:

Awesome uni! But there’s already a Custom Impact unicycles thread, and it’s stills on the first page of the forum…

I love it.

This is unicycle porn.

true but i didnt order a cf base and that much stuff :smiley: but true

It’s too beautiful to ride :P.

You could save a few more grams by trimming those bolts down!

yes I cut the bolts :wink:

Im curious, how exactly did you trim the bolts? I need to on my new unicycle and I don’t want to cut it wrong if that is possible.

I have cut with a saw and I grinded the end to avoid damaging the threads

forgot to ask…where did you get the longneck frame from??? :smiley: i saw them on but can’t find any dealers selling them :frowning:

I know you can find this frame here :

But I don’t know if you can buy it in Australia…