custom impact/K1

For those of you who saw my earlier thread (impact reagent), i’ve decided to get it but with a few customizations. I was wondering if my changes are worth it? My biggest reason is to make it lighter with relatively the same strength and the cost is the same as an impact reagent.
Here it is:

cranks: K1 140mm
frame: impact reagent
hub: K1 isis cr-mo
seat: K1 white russian
pedals: superstar tryall
tire: tryall light

PS. is the tryall light the same as the tryall stiky?

Are you sure it would come out to the same price as a whole Impact reagent? Besides the listed parts you’d still need to buy a seatpost, tube, rim, spokes, and seatpost clamp. The weight difference would be very small (I’m not even sure if it would come out lighter), and the parts are all very similar. Personally I’d buy a complete unicycle, but it’s totally your decision and either way you’ll have a great unicycle.

The Try All Stiky light is the same as the original Try All Stiky, but about 200 grams lighter.

Edit: Noticing that you’re located in Canada, it might be hard to find K1 parts, and shipping from other countries is expensive. There are lots of other good unicycle brands too, like Kris Holm. Have a look at, they have a great selection and free shipping over $350.

Thanks, sorry, i should have said that the unicycle comes complete from renegade with all the specs i said plus a tube, seatpost, rim, spokes and a seatpost clamp. The total price without shipping and duty for the impact reagent is $429 and the custom one is $409 without shipping and duty. Including shipping and duty the custom unicycle comes out cheaper than i could get the impact reagent on UDC.

It does wear significantly faster… But that hasn’t stopped me from buying more. Lolz.

Ah, I didn’t realize Renegade did custom unicycles. In that case, if you like it you should go for it! Are you planning to ride street, flatland, or trials?

I’m mostly into street, trials and a bit of flatland. I chose the reagent over the gravity because I can still do trials on it but I can also do frame tricks.

You might want to choose K1 street cranks or the Impact Groovy cranks if you like flatland and street. They work well for trials and are a lot better for flat and street. Unless you’re doing big drops they shouldn’t bend either.

I just ordered the unicycle here are the full specs:

frame: impact reagent
saddle: K1 white russian
seat tube: K1 alu dia 27.2 (reinforced)
seatpost clamp: K1 one bolt florescent yellow
pedals: superstar TRY ALL yellow
cranks: K1 alu 140mm street
hub: K1 ISIS Cr-Mo
wheel: 19" - 36 spoke - Drilled florescent yellow
tire: 20-2.50 TRY ALL Sticky
weight: 5.02 kg


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