Custom handle saddle brake holder

Some time back I wrote in another thread

I couln’t resist and got myself a handle saddle. Today I took it out for a ride the first time. It’s awesome how much control it gives you over the muni, especially if your own muni skills are pretty much non-existent. However, the brake adapter doesn’t work for my brake, the lever is too far away.

Someone suggested that I turn the brake holder around but then the brake lever was to close and to far back. It was only a matter of a few mm or a cm. So I decided to take the brake holder to my brothers workshop and have him help me improving is. That’s the result:

Now I adjusted the lever to be even a bit closer to the handle (than in the last picture) which made the distance perfect.


Is that the small or medium handle saddle?
I am getting back into Muni after 8 year hiatus and I am so psyched someone made something like the handle saddle. I tried to make one out of a plastic saddle, cut back and a rail mounted custom handle, it was awesome, until the whole saddle broke after 3 rides :slight_smile:
I am looking forward to getting a 27.5" Muni and this saddle is definitely going on it. Which brake lever do you have? That’s something I didn’t even think of with the Mad4One mount.

That’s the medium handle saddle.

I honestly can’t tell you what brake lever that is. It’s a cheap Shimano brake I had still lying around in my bike workshop. I meant to eventually but something better but as it works, I couldn’t be bothered.

Please consider that the lever can be modded. Grab a cheap/old/broken brake, remove the lever, study the lever… you’ll understand how is it made. And than build your own. I did mine using a normal drill and an hand operated saw

Right now my setup works out quite well for me, so I don’t need to do any other modifications. For now it was definitely easier to fix the problem by just welding a piece of tube to a plate.

But who knows, I’ll eventually replace the brake, too.