Custom "Hammered Silver" Paint Job

My new Bedford/Profile 24" had been painted vivid orange by it’s previous owner so I roughed up the paint with emery paper and then repainted the Bedford 26x3 frame a “Hammered Silver” color/texture with spray-paint made by Tremclad. Chips and scratches will only serve to add character!

Here is a photo of the frame:



i think the silver looks a lot better than the orange…



I love the colour orange but the silver does look better than that


sweet lookin frame…reminds me of the Beatles song, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.

thats a good song

Gives it a nice “hand forged” look. I like it.

where’d you get the paint??:smiley:

Well, the unicycle is ride ready!

  • Silver Bedford frame 26x3
  • Silver 24" Alex DX32 rim w/ riveted eyelets
  • Silver spokes
  • Chrome Profile hub w/ 145mm cranks
  • Miyata seat w/ green bumpers (I’m looking for black)
  • Black Roach seat cover w/ air pillow
  • Black Sun Ringle pedals w/ 28 pins per pedal!
  • Black Stout 24" by 2.6" tire
  • Black 3-bolt seat clamp

Here’s a photo:

it looks nice, alot nicer with the silver

Kinda like my 29er powdercoat job.

Or my Custom Summit I’m selling

pdc’s powerder coat is incredible!

Here’s a closeup of my frame’s texture: