Custom Grab Handle Mount

I am going to build a run of these at my cost, so I need firm committments to buy before I make the order. Here’s the price break down:

KH Stiffener Plate + hardware: $25 USD
KH Saddle Handle Freestyle: $9
Fabrication and Welding: $20
Profile/Titec Bar Ends: $20
Shipping: Depends where you live, I will use USPS flat rate shipping for domestic, international will be more of course.

Total price: $74 plus shipping, could be a little less if I get a deal on some bar ends.

Please don’t ask for special mods, this is a one package, one price deal.

Here’s the discussion thread where I posted pics. The final product is seen in the last pic posted:

FYI: If you commit to buying a setup, you must buy the setup. I will out you to the community if you don’t pay up. Seriously, as I am serious, don’t commit unless you are ready to buy.

I’m closing the thread to prevent thread clutter. If you have any questions, please send me a PM and I will try to provide the information in a follow up to this post. I will shoot for the end of January as a completion date.

Please keep in mind that I am doing this for the cost of materials and fabrication, I will not profit from this venture other than spreading good will :smiley:

Here’s the finished product with a Magura brake mounted. I will ship the bar ends uncut unless you specify right or left hand grab. The bar ends are easy to cut, using a tubing cutter or a hacksaw. I like to wrap mine with a rubberized cloth, which is very grippy and less bulky than a rubber bike grip.

Okay, ordering is closed, the plates have been ordered!

I had nine people interested in getting a plate, two from Europe (yeah!), the rest domestic. Once the plates arrive I’ll take them to the fabricator and it should be a pretty fast turn around, then I’ll start getting them ready to ship.

Any cost savings will be passed on to the buyers, I have no interest in making money on this venture, but I would ask that all users post their reviews (positive I hope) and let UDC and KH know that you want these things to be available as an aftermarket addition.

I will be sending one prototype to UDC, from there it will be doing a tour to Taiwan, then hopefully to KH himself :slight_smile:

I’ll send out PM’s to all those who told me they wanted a plate.

I have the plates, hardware, and bumpers in hand, but I had to order tubing for the mount. The tubing arrives Tusday, so I’ll take the plates and tubing to the welder on Wednesday. Depending on how fast they can get them done, I may be able to start shipping out the plates this weekend.

To make my life easier, all I will be sending out is a completed plate/mount, hardware, and the seat bumper. It is the buyers responsibility to get bar ends. I will post pics of bar ends that work well, Titec, Profile, Specialized, Bontrager.

I will need a PayPal payment before I shipp, domestic shipping will be done using USPS prepaid packaging. International shipping TBD.

I don’t have a final cost yet, but once I do then you’ll get a PM from me with details on making a PayPal payment and from your PayPal I will have your shipping info :slight_smile:

Don’t jump the gun, I don’t need a bunch of PM’s, I’ll contact you :wink:

Tubing arrives last night, got up early and met the welders while they were still playing poker; cards and coffee before work, how cool :slight_smile:

Everything is in place, now we wait and see how fast they can get to the job, could be by this weekend, but more than likely it’ll be early next week.

I’ll have a final cost, then I’ll need PayPals, but hold off until I have everything in hand.

FYI: One of these plates, a prototype I designed, is going to Taiwan with Josh (UDC) and then to Kris Holm.

I won’t tell you what it looks like, but it would make this set up mainstream if it were to be adopted :slight_smile:

Look for a follow up on this thread.

Okay, the plates are done and they look great:

So now to the nitty gritty:

The total cost for the KH stiffener plates, mounting hardware, 6061 T6 tubing for the mount, Fabrication, and the KH Freestyle Seat Bumper was $55.

I decided to let you all be responsible for getting bar ends, that saves me the trouble and gives you a choice :slight_smile:

After dinner tonight with the loveley and talented Mrs Nurse Ben, I will send you each a PM with my PayPal account name. The sooner I get the payment, the sooner I send the mount :slight_smile:

All I ask is that you post a review once you’ve had a chance to ride with the bar end grab handle. My big plan is for KH or someone else to start building these things for retail sale :stuck_out_tongue:

Assembly Instructions:

The KH Stiffener fits current KH seats
The KH Seat Bumper and Bar End will replace the KH Grab Handle
Before installation you need to:

  1. Buy some bar ends
  2. Cut down the non dominant bar end to serve as a brake mount
  3. Trim a half moon of plastic from the seat bumper where is contacts the mount

Once you have everything ready, install the plate loosely, saving the bolts closest to the nose of the seat for last. The seat bumper goes on the outside of the plate, NOT between the seat and plate.

Bar Ends:

There are not many choices that will work with this mount, so keep this in mind before buying; it might be a good idea to bring your uni to the shop.
The mount is set back from the nose of the seat, so you need long bar ends in order to have enough to grab. Some bar ends are better than others, $15-$20 USD will get you a decent set of forged bar ends (better than welded).

Set Up:

Each person likes things a little different, so I’ll tell you how I set up mine and then you can play around with yours.

I’m Right hand dominant, so my bar end grab handle is set up so it points Down and curves to the Left.

The brake mount will be cut down from the unused bar end. I like to leave a couple inches so I slide the brake closer or further depending on the brake style.

The brake mount goes onto the plate mount AFTER the grab handle bar end.

The brake mount points toward the REAR of the seat and angles DOWNWARD.

Suggested Bar Ends:

Performance Bicycles Forte OS
Trek System 2$(KGrHqJHJC!E8fh-MFU9BPLpDkR2sg60_12.JPG
Power Tools

Bar ends that will work, but need to be used with some caution:

The adjustable bar ends, these are very nice, but they can strip out, so don’t overtighten the clamp bolt$(KGrHqJ,!g4E3uZ0zMfJBOJS!sDSq!~~_12.JPG
Profile Designs, these are nice bar ends, but they are larger diameter so the non dominant bar end will not work as a brake mount

Non Suggested Bar Ends:

The generic welded bar ends that have a #8 in a paisley, they are weak and can break/strip!Bjz7HigBGk~$(KGrHqQH-DwEs-pIEZygBLU7eM,m5!_12.JPG
Pyramid bare ends, these are press fit, so not welded or forged, can weaken and break:!Bjz5jN!CGk~$(KGrHqEH-C8Es9NdLRN3BLU7ZHoJo!

Set Up Pics: Note that these are old pics that show the bumper on the wrong side of the plate, so don’t do it that way as it’ll end up bending the plate.

Sorry, my bad math, the fabrication was (way) more expensive than I’d expected, fortunately I had some help on some of the other costs, so instead of being really overbudget, I’m only slightly over budget. Apparently the other two handles the shop made for me were done “at a loss”.

Anyway, I need to add $10 to the total cost of each mount, so it’s $65 each plus shipping.

Shipping by USPS Flat Rate Boxes is ~$6 each for domestic, ~$13 for the mounts going Switzerland, and Eric is getting a bunch of stuff, so gawd knows what his shipping bill is going to run.

PM’s on the way…

I’m going to leave this thread open for questions on set up, etc… so feel free to post, but no arguing or thread drift :wink:


I missed out on the first deadline,but if you make another run of them,Im interested

I doubt I’ll do a second run, the fabrication costs were really high, took a hit for the team on this round, so I’m hopeful the next round will be on UDC or KH. I have thought about buying a drill press and a welder…


All the handles are boxed and ready to ship. So far I have received payment from:


Still waiting on a few :roll_eyes:

And don’t forget those reviews!

My handle came in the mail today. I’ve posted some initial thoughts over in the review thread. Thanks, Ben!

Hey, just a heads up, but when you’re installing the bar end onto the tubing mount you may find that it’s a tight fit, so try removing the bar end clamp bolt and use a flat screw driver to hold the bar end clamp open while slidin it on, that way the tubing won’t get scratched up.

I wouldn’t doubt if we see your design in mass production somewhere soon. I don’t suppose you still have an extra one for for sale. I wish I’d have known I would be in the market for a MUni and I would have ordered one long ago. I’ve been satisfied with the Shadow on both my 36"ers but that setup does not appear suitable for a MUni. Also, KH Tbar is sold out everywhere I look. Thanks for making these Ben. The reviews prove they are a very solid option.

Hey David, see my PM

look for a PayPal payment from Kellie Hood (my wife). Thank You!

David is on a role here… he just sent some pictures of a pair of grab handles he added to a bike frame using two pairs of Welder Series alternator mount tensioners!


I am a bit late at the party but if there is left-over or somebody isn’t happy with his/hers (unlikely but worth to ask ^_^), let me know :slight_smile:

Once I get my welder (Summer 2013) I’ll start making them again, some revisions on the original idea, stainless steel, bar end options, etc…

I’ll post once I’m ready to start making them again.

Minor threadjack

What welders are you considering?

Steel is a good idea. I really liked the design of the one I bought but it was starting to look a bit crushed and crumpled so I dropped it off at a bike shop last week to have a new one built from steel.

It has been a great handle mount.


You tell me, I’m open to options, so far I’m looking at AC/DC Inverter 220 machines. I’d like to find a 110/220 TIG that won’t break my bank, but there are only a few and they are all pricey name brand units.

What do you have?

I am still considering MIG only because it’s cheaper and I am leaning toward steel, but I know the TIG is the better choice, so I’m waiting and saving up…