Custom Giraffe from the old BMX in the shed

hey all,

i am sure we have all thought about turning the old BMX we have lying around into a custom giraffe.

I have started this as my next project. I took apart the rear wheel of my BMX and decided that there is no way to re-arrange the guts to make it into a fixed drive thing without welding and stuff.

would the best way to go about makin the thingo into a fixed wheel just welding the rear cog to the hub? if i get it happnin, i wiilll replace the cranks and front cog and probably get something put on the front to extend out like a seat post because the hand bars aren’t very comfortable.

another way to go about it, would be to just buy a giraffe wheel set, would this be best?

is there any tips or suggestions out there?

i am very confident about this.



No clue edboy but if i was going to do that i would prob weld the hub to the rear cog.:slight_smile: have fun

Yes, weld the hub to the cog. This is how my dad and I built my first unicycle which I succesfully learnt to ride. If you look at my profile, I have a pic of myself riding it in a school play.

We also replaced the sproket on the cranks to a smaller one, so it was a 1:1 gear ratio. Could always leave it, but would be tricky to ride :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the seat, we chopped off pretty much all of the frame from around the bit where the cranks are, then got a seatpost from onother old scrap bike and welded that on top.

I hope that makes some sort of sense. If not i’ll try to explain it better when I have more time :slight_smile:

EDIT: yes, the guy is holding me up in the pic, i’d not been riding long, and hadn’t learnt to idle properly. Couldn’t free mount very easily either.

Hope this helps!

ooh, thanks, it helps a lot,

i love this stuff. next timei find an old bike in the trash i shall attempt to build one :slight_smile: