Custom geared KH 36

Howdy! I finally got my KH 36 setup with my Schlumpf hub. I did a custom paint job and also drilled out the rim. It is sweet! I hope to do a review of it and compare it to the Nimbus 36 (short review: it is MUCH better than the nimbus).

I posted info on the setup and pictures on my blog:

I’ll copy some of the pics here:

Overall, it looks really sweet (IMHO).

Thats cool!
I gather you like that colour lol, I see why!

woah, i want one… NOW
I’ll swap for any of my major organs?

how many GUnis do you have now corbin?

But did you shave the tyre? :smiley:

Looks great!


I do like the color, but part of it was that I already had the color (and it was expensive!)

I’ve got the geared KH24 and geared KH36, and Louise has a geared KH24…so I’ve bought three hubs so far…


Yeah, I prefer to have the full tread – Chuck shaved his and the threads are already showing through!


Great color.

I am curious about the Brake, You say an old kid’s bike bike brake. How was that to install and why do you prefer it to magura?
(I need to add a brake to a nimbus 36)

The brake was super-easy to install; I just drilled a hole in the seat post tube. I prefer bike brakes to maguras (and I have quite a few miles riding with both setups). The maguras grab too hard, which is only a problem if you are riding rough roads and hit a bump, causing you to squeeze just a tiny bit more and make you fall off. The cable brake has more play in it, and squeezing a tiny bit more does not affect braking enough to toss me off.

For the slower speeds on munis, I prefer the larger bit of the maguras.

For my Nimbus 36, I welded a small 1/8" steel plate behind the rear tube and drilled a hole through that to mount the brake. Otherwise, the tube is too high to really get it mounted, but Mike S. did manage to drill a hole through that and find a brake that could reach the tire.



Could you post a close up pic of the brake and mount. If bleeding my hydraulic ECHO brake doesn’t put things to rights I’ll consider a regular caliper brake. I’d be interested to see how you did it.

Nice RED!


Of the KH or the Nimbus? Here is the Nimbus:

I was testing it out with pipe clamps before welding it into that position.


Also, I’m going to try to do a writeup about this, but my old Nimbus 36 frame has stress fractures on the two front tubes – right at the top by the bend where there is a small hole. A few more hard rides, and the two front tubes would have snapped off! I don’t like the Nimbus 36 frame anymore…especially now that the KH is out.


Thanks for the brake pic. I get the idea, now.


Wow, that looks gorgeous! So you don’t use the dual holed cranks? Is 150mm all you need on the geared 36er? And how much weight did you lose with the drilled rim?

Sweet set up, glad to see you will be back to geared 36er’n

Once again, I am envious of your handle. It looks so much nicer than the T7. When you end up making a new design, I’ll take that one off your hands for ya :sunglasses:

I just bought some Nimbus ISIS 150mm cranks for my set up and they have about the same Q as the Moments, but end up saving about .7 pounds of rotational weight. I haven’t put them on yet, but I am hoping to try them out soon. I’ll let you know how they work out, but I think they look perfect for the KH/Schlumpf 36.

I have my dual hole cranks on my geared 24’s right now. I have tried 125mms on the geared coker, but i didn’t like them when I tried them…however, that was when i was first starting out on a geared coker. I may like it more now. But, in general, I’ve found the gearing for 150mm to be better suited to my riding style (especially with some of the steep hills i ride around my house).

At RTL, some of the german speeders used 125mm cranks on their geared 36’ers.

I have no idea how much weight the drilled rim saves… i don’t have a scale.

Congratulations your awesome unicycle is worth more then my car!

Awesome unicycle Corbin! Did you measure the weight saved by drilling your Stealth rim, or take pictures of it?