Custom Full KH Trials for sale!

Hey im BACK! I used to be a memeber here under the username “trials_uni” And i built up this peice of deliciousness under the watchfull eye of this forums members.

I pieced this thing together from people and delers all over ontario and into the US.

Heres the parts list.

-2006 KH Aluminum Trials Frame
-2003/04 KH wheelset.(2003 Hub.Cranks, Alex DX32 Rim) Hand built 36 spoke 4 cross…For those of you who dont know…That makes this wheel pretty damn solid!
-2006 KH Alloy Seatpost and Clamp
-Miyata Carbon Fiber Seatbase Drilled for both KH and Miyata Seatposts and Miyata handle and bumper
-KH Fusion Seatcover
-Luna Street/Urban Trials Tire(plenty of life left)
-Kona Jackshit Pedals(Grippy as hell)

Last time i weighed it it was about 14lbs(It was pretty light when i built it…Im not sure how 14lb compares with todays weights.)

This was my price and joy at one point and i spent well over $800 building it up just the way i liked it. I just dont have much time for it anymore as ive moved on to other interests.

So now its up for you guys to buy. Its a Canada only sale. Shipping COD only or pick up.

Im not entirely sure what its worth anymore…But i know what id like to see.

Please direct all offers to my email as PM will most likely go un noticed.

Thanks for looking


itsa 2007 frame…

Ok ist a 2007 frame,…better for me :smiley:



Yep…Pending payment

dang sonn… im good for it… soo good

I wasnt implying that you werent good for it…But i AM pending payment…I knwo you want this :smiley:

damn… tasty ride there… congrats UNIdentified!


so maybe this thing hasnt been sold yet…

didnt you buy it?

im trying to buy it… the dude has my address and all the info… he just hasnt sent it out yet… makin me think i might be gettin the run around here… like, iv been waiting for 2weeks now. i could always buy that hoppley though… that things in awesome shape, and i love green;)

Hopply will break immediately, do not buy.

The second you take it out of the box, it’ll blow up…

You haven’t seen this guy ride. He’s bent moments, so shup up with the hyperbole.:smiley:

hoppley is the sickest, cranks are solid, i weigh 240 and they hold

What did you offer for this uni?


We worked it out and it came down to being entirely my fault. I was very busy.

Hes taking this beauty home for $300 plus shipping…And this Bitch blows a shitty hoppley out of the water. Plus its lighter and way nicer looking :sunglasses:

As a seller, you should ship ASAP after payment. I’m sure you had a spare hour, and if you didn’t, you shouldn’t have sold this bugger anyway. I smell procrastination;) .

Acctually i hadnt recieved any payment… We were dealing COD…So it was only me who would have lost out :P. And i fully accept the fact that it was entirely my fault and ive apologized 100 times to him.

He will have his uni Next tuesday.

theres no hard feelings… sometimes things just dont work out as planned… live and learn, eh?