custom frame ideas (exotic materials!)

There was talk of carbon fiber frames in the past, and lately I’ve been wondering, what would the perfect material be for the lightest, strongest uni frames? I’ve been thinking of a magnesium frame, yet I can’t seem to find suitable tubing. I’ve heard it welds much like aluminum. Anyone have any comments? What about scandium? I haven’t heard much mention of these materials, as most of you think that titanium is the ultimate material, however that may not be true. Magnesium is much like aluminum, except lighter and stiffer, which is why I would love to get one made.


I kinda want to design a frame, and then get a local welder to make it for me. My dad knows the guy, and right beside it, there is guy who paints cars… :roll_eyes:

I’d probably end up doing steel, seeing it would be the cheapest…


Titanium XTP frame would be sick, sick and expensive :roll_eyes:

a ti XTP frame would be heavier than an aluminum one! Unless you used real thin tubing and machined more off of the crown. Titanium is more dense than aluminum, so to achieve lightweight properties it must be used in thin walled tubing. (Basically since it’s stronger, you can use less, thus saving weight)

Hg? That sounds dangerous

no, I’m pretty sure it is a steel alloy, it’s brand name is liquid metal.

Like the Tennis Racquets? (I play tennis :slight_smile: )

Yes, it’s just a very elastic metal alloy. I wouldn’t want it in a uni frame, you’d have to chase it forever after a upd.

does anyone sell Ti frames and if so howmuch does one cost ? and what are the biggest bennifits from a Ti frame.

Triton bikes did, for around $500, but I think they are now defunct. The biggest benifit is titanium’s strength to weight ratio, as well as it’s ability to be rewelded to it’s original condition without heat treating. Mostly it’s for Ti’s sex appeal. :sunglasses: You can still get one made by a titanium bike builder, though it’d be expensive as hell.

There are magnesium biketrial frames. Maybe you could give them a call

Thats the comapny:


Kryptonite? :wink:

I was told that magniesum is very light But is hard to work with. something about it catches fire very easily. So the cost to produce anything out of mag is very expensive.

I’ve seen it welded before, the only things that catch fire are mag shavings and powder, the solid material is extremely hard to ignite because it dissapates heat too quickly. Machining it is a little dangerous, however; and should be handled accordingly, considering the only thing that’ll put out the fire is a very special type of fire extinguisher.

Ya that would explain its cost ! So its never been made into a uni frame ?

that would be sick to male a mold of a frame and fill it with water and freeze it to have an iceunicycle

Not yet, but I can dream :roll_eyes: If I could find the right tubing I’d have one built. Machining the bearing holders would be fun cause of the fire! :smiley:

What’d be the point? It’d be heavy, brittle, and it’d melt real fast.

The machining would keep you on your toe’s