Custom Cruiser T-Bar

Heah, Everyone
I have a custom cruiser T-bar that I’m not using. Though it has a little flex (saddle frame flex) it works great, however I’ve decided to go back to the original plastic handle for hopping curbs and such. I fabricated the mount with 6061-T6 aluminum. The T-handle consists of a 130mm long chrome GT bike stem, a short section of chrome handlebar and a set of bar extensions from a Kris Holm T-Bar I used to have on one of my other uni’s. (There’s a small scuff near the end of one of the bar extensions, but everything else is perfect.) I’ll sell the T-bar & mount for $30 + $15 shipping or the the T-bar, mount and UDC Club saddle shown for an additional $20. (Installing the mount required some small adjustments of the under-saddle gussets with my Dremel to make the fit perfect.) :slight_smile:

Nice thingy!

Will the mount work with a standard KH/Nimbus seat base?

Thanks for your interest. It’s currently mounted on my Nimbus Club saddle. As far as I know the bolt pattern/spacing is the same on every saddle, though I did have to sand the plastic saddle gussets (on the underside of the saddle) a little to get a good fit. My old KH Freeride saddle had threaded inserts instead of studs so slightly longer screws would have done the job without the need for sanding.