Custom Coker Frames

I want a new(improved) Coker. I think I want a custom frame too.
I also want a brake and the airfoil rim w/ss spokes. What options are out there now for custom frames?

I’m using the GB (distance) handle now. I don’t have a very clear picture of how to mount a brake lever with this handle. I do like the handle, but I might consider something different to accommodate a well placed brake lever.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Here is a piccie of one that I build

If you fancy something else e-mail me with what you think and I’ll tell you if I can do it.

I use a brake lever in conjunction with my GB handle. I have a Delta lever extender mounted on a standard V-brake lever. The lever is identical to what most mountain unicyclists use on their Maguras and available at I can easily snag the lever with my pinkie and/or ring finger. You can find a picture of the setup here:

Re: Custom Coker Frames

I love my Paul Wyganowski Coker frame. I don’t have photos, but it’s similar to
the one Andy Cotter has photographed in the link below:

I don’t have the handle extension that Andy uses. For that I will eventually
get a GB handle. Are you wanting to part with yours?

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

There was a thorough thread about a funky looking new Coker frame designed by Creative Geckos that bronson acquired:

Good luck choosing your new machine!


Re: Custom Coker Frames

A word of warning from some one who has been there and done that. Custom unicycles always end up costing more and taking longer to build than you first expected.

My custom coker is still not finished 4 months after I decided it was all systems go on the project. Be prepared for up to 6 months wait from the time you decide to go ahead with it to the time you end up with the finished product. Andrew Carter and others will back me up on this.

I have now spent twice what it would have cost to buy a normal coker and still do not have a rideable unicycle! Worse than that the overall quality of my custom frame is not what I expected. I should have stuck with the frame builder who did my Muni frame. His quotes were more expensive but he did a better job.

I would recommend asking around lots of people before settling on someone to build you a custom frame. A good reputation for building bikes is desirable and a reputation for building unicycles is even better. Ideally find someone who has already built coker frames up. They will give you more realistic quotes and have a much better idea of how to build a coker frame. It will also take less time for them to do it.

Costs often seem to escalate and even if you have done this before there is a tendancy to underestimate. I’ve found a rough rule of thumb for custom unicycles is to double what you expect it to cost you and this is liable to be closer to the actual figure.

Re: Custom Coker Frames

I did not have any of the bad experiences getting a custom frame from Paul
Wyganowski. Perhaps it’s because he makes so many. He gave me a build date that
was about 6 weeks out, gave me a price, then called when it was done–right on

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

what was “the price” ?
-Jonathan Ware-

Re: Custom Coker Frames

>what was “the price” ?

It’s been a while and my memory is shot–but I recall it was about $250…

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

Thanks for all the replies. I guess I knew about these three options already.

David, do you have contact info for Paul?
I’m going to keep my GB handle on my current Coker. I’m also going to keep it together as a second Coker.


Here’s what I have:

Phone 651.772.2861

Custom built bicycles and unicycles

Paul Wyganowski
1582 Ivy Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55106