Custom Coker Frame


I got some pictures take of my Coker Frame today. This is the one that I used in the Sydney to Gong. It isn’t as flash as Bronson’s but it will still get me around.

The frame was made by a specialist stainless steel worker who is a friend of my Fathers. All Material is Stainless Steel and won’t rust or break, I think I am stuggling to scratch it even in a UPD.

The Bearing Holders were machined by CMW Cycle Specialists in Wollongong, they have a lip on one side.

I got a set of handle bars made up the same as the bars that the the EUT Riders had made up. Thanks to Andy Cotter for permission to copy this and for the dimensions.

Let me know what you think.

James (jimmy)

Thanks for the pictures, Jimmy. Machined bearing holders are WAY better than maincap. Do you happen to know which stainless steel alloy was used?

If you had to true the wheel using the tire-frame clearance as the reference it will be interesting to find out if it starts rubbing with time. I had to try to do that with a cheap, steel rim on a 24" with a fat tire once and couldn’t get it right.

Nice setup

Nice welding and cool materials. I don’t think I have seen a stainless steel unicycle yet. I have seen a stock Coker that was rusted from sitting outside in Santa Cruz. Your unicycle should do fine on the coast.

Let me know how you like the handle setup.