Custom Brake Mount For Reeder or GB4

When I went for the Derail base, which by the way is awesome, I lost my brake mount for my Reeder. So this custom brake mount is the solution. The plate that goes under the Reeder has oversized holes drilled for adjustability. The aluminum post that the brake clamps onto has a pointed set screw for adjustment side to side and up and down. The base is a piece cut from a GB4 stiffener plate. I haven’t tried it on my Coker but it should work with the GB4 Coker handles as well.

Brake Mount2.JPG


Brake Mount.JPG

One more…

Brake Mount4.JPG

I don’t have a brake on any unis or a reeder handle, but that setup looks awesome. it looks like you can reach the handle easily and brake and maybe even hop while holding the brake down.

also, did you build the thing that makes the brake lever go across?

That does look nice.
But that seat looks awfully painfull.

Thats just the seatbase. You have to put foam and a cover in before you ride it.

And Phil that looks awsome…I saw it in your gallery when i was cruising around last night so stylin.

This is part of my Super Muni. Pics later.

i have a feeling i know what the frame may be.

( i also TM’ed the “Super” :wink:

Cool, does the reeder fit on the swallis base? or does it need modifying?

any handle will fit the swallis base.

That almost looks like a backwards try-all brake mount. You’ve got a better angle for brake grabing.

where are these brake lever extenders coming from?


That is a Scott Wallis base. Just drill 3 holes…

you can get them from