Custom bedfords

Now people can post there custom bedfords.

already been done

or you could just go here

edit:one is enough beat me to it…

Is it worth the extra money? I can get the Nimbus 29" with ISIS cranks, an extra wheel AND a T7 handle for less then a Bedford 29". What do you think?

go for the nimbus.

No way man, bedfords way better, don’t be a retart. The only good nimbus is the nimbus X street for flatland.

A retart? Dude, if anyone around here is a ‘retart’, then it’s you. Just because it’s a Bedford doesn’t make it any better. The Nimbus X street isn’t their only good uni. All of Nimbus’s unicycles are really good quality and value for money.

So mattburnsey, I don’t know what specs the Bedford 29er has got, but I’d definitely go with the Nimbus for the price difference

Nimbus also has ISIS on almost all their unicycles now, making all their unicycles in the leagues of KH, Qu-Ax, and others. So I dont know why your saying the only good thing they have is the Nimbus street, cause all their other unicycles own.

I would go for the Nimbus, but call Darren and see what the specs are on his 29er. Darrens price list is very old and outdated, so calling in and asking about “If I put this frame, with this rim, the ISIS hub, and Moment cranks, what that cost me?” Then hell get a price for you.

you need to stop bashing nimus. they are a leading unicycle maker in the world. Chill out. and the nimbus x is the worst of all the nimbuses. 22.2 mm seat post and its still a rock awsome uni.

just shut up already, I’m very opinionated.

no, you’re just wrong. Nimbus makes rock solid, cheap ISIS unis. Bedford doesn’t make cheap, ISIS unis. Not saying Bedford sucks, but they’re lesser than Nimbus and UDC




my personal favorite

I think this bullying is a bit harsh, he’s new to the forums, obviously didn’t know any forum etiquette, and was slightly misinformed…

well hes being retarted for not even knowing what he is talking about.

zfreak220’s was my favorite, and jamessd, people wouldnt be going so hard on him if he just admitted he was wrong instead of saying he is “Opinionated”