custom 36er Nimbus wheelset, new, with tire

For sale: north America

$250 shipped in the USA

Brand new custom 36er wheel set for a project I was working on, but got cancelled:

  • Wide UDC square taper hub (40mm bearings are spaced wide for most Nimbus 36er frames, Titan frame, second generation Coker frames). I’m also throwing in a set of unused 40mm to 42mm bearing adaptors/shims that came with my Surly Conundrum frame so you can mount this in a 40mm or 42mm frame
  • late model UDC Nimbus Stealth2 rim with a machined brake track. The Stealth2 is a deeper rim that looks like an increase in strength over the first nimbus 36er rims.
  • No rim strip, though I’ll install a fiber tape rim strip if you request it.
  • If you want it, I’m also including a used Nimbus nightrider tire that has about 800-1,000 miles on it, but plenty of life left in it. Tire was used for training and a couple of centuries, with no history of blow-offs from the rim. It has been a good performer for me.

Most of you know I buy/repair/sell Magura hydraulic rim brake sets on here, but I also build a couple dozen bike and unicycle wheel sets here each year for my own projects and other local riders. This is a wheel I recently built for a freak-cargo bike project that never got off the ground, so It’s up for grabs here. I built this wheel here in Portland with my Park TS2.2 truing stand with KH truing stand adaptors. The wheel is laced with 376mm (from UDC UK) stainless spokes and long stainless nipples in a four cross build (Spoke length is right on and the spoke ends are about level with the bottom of the slot in the backside of the nipple) Spoke tension is uniform at about 137 Kgf (about 25-26 on the Park TM-1 spoke tension meter) and the wheel is centered using a modified/lengthened Park wheel dish gauge. I “stripe” each spoke with a sharpie marker just after lace-up and then I “unwound” the twist out of each spoke after the wheel was fully tensioned and trued (thanks U-turn for this great technique, which I’ve used for years). Twice in the build process, I also “bed” the spokes heads into the hub flange holes by squeezing groups of four spokes with my size XL mitts. All this care and attention to detail should make for a very durable wheel build that shouldn’t need any attention unless you do something extreme . . . . like putting your foot through the wheel. Also, I don’t use spoke prep compounds and instead lube the spoke threads with Phil’s Tenacious Oil, which will make it easier to true the wheel in the future if you ever need it.

I have it packed and ready to ship via USPS. I can only ship this to US addresses (sorry, shipping to Canada is too much trouble and cost - unless you know of some options I don’t). Local pick-up in the Portland area is free if that works better for you. Also, if you buy a magura rim brake from me, it will ship for free with the wheel set and tire.

Send me a PM or e-mail me if you are interested or have questions . . or if you need Magura rim brakes, mounts or parts









No one interested in this?? Offers then??

Maybe my forum picture (to the left) is scaring folks off . . . I’m really a nice guy. Thats just zombie blood on me . . . not the blood of Portland motorists that got in my way.


Come on . . . does no one need a new 36er wheelset with a free Nightrider tire?
Ok, how about $220 shipped in the US


Bummer you have no frame to go with it…

Tis true, but it should fit any 36er frame made for wide hubs: the Titan, second generation Coker and ther nimbus frames.

PM sent. …John

Sold … . … .