Custom 36" frame for sale.

Haven’t quite decided on it, but I might have a 36" GB4 frame for sale if anyone is interested. I should know within the week, so if anyone wants to throw some offers my way, do so. I just moved to Orlando and have to downsize unfortunately. The main thing I’d be interested in right now would be a 20" trials setup. I recently let go of my 24" Agent Orange. Also up for grabs might be a GB4 24" Ultimate Wheel, and GB4 Mini Giraffe.

Re: Custom 36" frame for sale.

I’m totally interested. Would love to get some particulars offline. Will PM you. TB

I am also interested in the 36" frame. Any particulars yet? Thanks, MT

Please post some pictures, if you have them, of whatever you decide to sell. I have an early Chris Reeder Trails uni that might be a possible trade item…

The frame is built identical to some of the ones you’ve seen floating around in 24, and 29" sizes. The frame is powdercoated in “GB4 black” and has brake bosses welded on. Every inch and weld on this frame were done beautifully. The frame was built to accomodate a wide hub. Why put an awesome frame on a so-so wheel? Here’s some specs on the frame, followed by a link to George’s very own. I also have a GB4 Coker handle laying around, setup w/ the computer mount as well.

4130 Chromoly construction
Laser cut crown and gusset with GB4 logo
Machined bearing holders
Magura specific brake bosses
Go under “My unis” and then “GB4 36” touring"

Oh, Oh!
What width is the hub that the frame is designed for?
I have a wide hub made by the Unicycle Factory that’s looking for a frame and a long term relationship. It’s about 121mm between the inside edge of each bearing.

Not sure on the exact length of the hub… but that sounds about right. I’d have to double check w/ George for the exact size.

36" wheel. Mmmm. (Drool…)

The frame was made for a hub having a flange-flange distance of 100-110 mm, or about 4 inches.

The inside to inside dimension on the bearings would be right around 121 mm, or 4.75 inches.