Custom 26er for street or muni

Hello all,

I am putting my favorite unicycle I own up for sale. It is my go to unicycle for everyday fun.

Parts on the unicycle:
1 x Black Nimbus 26 frame with brake mounts
1 x Sun double wide rim wheel build with gold nipples (wheel was built by Scott (is that his name?) at 100% true, never did any big drops.
1 x 125/150mm KH moment cranks
1 x KH isis hub (blue)
1 x Maxxis Hookworm tire: so smooth and fun! (can also include an Widebite 3.0 muni tire to convert to muni. This tire is just a rebranded duro 3.0)
1 x Kh Freeride seat
1x Nimbus yellow seat clamp
1 x Nimbus seat post
1 x brand new never used Odyssey Jim Cielencki Pedals

The uni has not been used too much in the last year. Only once or twice in real muni conditions, mostly on the road around my house. For someone with the talent, I think this could be a really great street 26er that converts to a muni 26er.

Asking $400 CDN OBO with both tires included. Make an offer, I am reasonable.

You pay shipping.


Drop to $350

How much does it weigh?

And what’s the biggest thing you’ve done on it?

Largest drop is probably like one foot once. Barely ridden.
Not sure exactly how much it weighs. I’ll get back to you on that.

Alright, because I’m interested, but I’m huge on making sure a unicycle is light weight.

If your in negotiations on this 26, I’ll step back, But I am interested. I’d cherrish your old ride. And put some miles on her too. Let me know. Dan

sorry, sold.

This sale ended up falling through…

The price of 350 CDN plus shipping still stands and I think I am pretty firm. Note that this wheel is incredibly beefy and will withstand all types of muni. It is currently set up for 26" street, though.

Comes with the duro 3.0 tire.

Here are some more photos

that rim will never bend!
im using it on my street 24 setup right now and compared to the KH rim that thing is bullet proof :sunglasses:

would love to have a 26inch but dont have to cash for one :frowning:

Sorry for the threadjack… Can you use a rim brake with that rim? Because I am really tempted by this rim for my Muni once I change my DX32. I want a wide 32 hole undrilled rim for my machine:)

It is not a machined surface but I think it would still work. Especially given then braking power of the magura hydraulic brakes.

if i can sell my KH 24 quickly i might grab this off you before christmas. or if its still around in Jan.

been looking to upgrade to a 26 for muni and i just got a street 24 put together.